Thursday, April 29, 2010

Our Story

We want to begin our blog with our story!

Tyson and I met in the early summertime of 2008. We worked together and began our friendship. We talked all day at work and really began to create something special. I had a crush on him by August of 2008 but would not tell him. Others at work seemed to notice though! He was dating someone else and so was I. So we continued developing our friendship.
By the end of December we were both single. We continued talking and we were just friends. We started to hang out outside of work in January of 2009.
We had our first date on Valentines day in 2009! That is when it really began! We dated on and off for a few months. I broke it off for a few weeks because I was scared. I was having a bad day (during this time we were not really talking) and he sent me a random text "What do you call a fish with no eyes?.... fsh" I about died laughing and knew I needed him in my life!
We began to hang out again and pretty quickly realized we were in love and needed each other!
During the Oquirrh Mountain Temple dedication I knew he was the one I should marry! We had many big kid talks and decided to go for it! Picked out a ring and were engaged on December 7th of 2009.
We were married on March 12th 2010. Now begins the Happily Ever After!