Friday, July 31, 2015

Jam Packed July 2015

We have been having a lot of fun this summer so far. The kids love playing together and it has been really great! July was jam packed for us and we loved every minute of it.
 Okay maybe I shouldn't say that we loved EVERY minute of it. My dad fell at the beginning of July and broke a few ribs, hurt his back and basically was out of commission for a while. He was a good sport and has joked about it a lot. I was able to visit with him while he was in the hospital and helped him wrap a turban to keep his head warm. Yes, this is where I get it from, my dad is a goober.
Kids continue to grow and change. I can't believe how big the two of them are getting!
We had some family over for the 4th of July and lit some fireworks in the area behind our house. We weren't able to do our HUGE firework event this year but we had a lot of fun anyway! (yes the picture is upside down, I can't figure out how to correct it)
 Monet discovered the joys of unrolling the toilet paper roll. We now have to make sure the bathroom door is ALWAYS closed.
Abe and I went on a date! Just the two of us went to see Inside Out in the movie theater and we LOVED it. So much fun to go out with my little man!
Of course, we enjoyed the sunshine and spent more time at the park.
 We had the chance to take care of our nieces and nephews for 10 days. I went from being a mom of 2 to being a mom of 7 overnight and it was a wild ride! We had so much fun while they were with us and my kids were in heaven!
We spent time at different parks.
We went to a splashpad and met up with other friends there! This is Monet and her friend Kora, they do love each other, I promise.
Abe loves splash pads, but I think he loves them even more when his cousins are there with him!
Monet, well..... she doesn't love them......
 We watched fireworks for the 24th at the flight park up by Tyson's parents house.
We had a birthday party for Lincoln!
We even had a Crown family dinner where we had picnics, outdoor games, fireworks and s'mores!
 All in all it was an amazing month. We filled all our time with family and fun and I wouldn't have it any other way.