Sunday, June 1, 2014

Food Fish and Fun - May 2014

We had a lot of fun adventures in May! The kids are getting bigger and they are playing together more and more! Our family has grown so close and we are loving every single minute of it!
We made our way over to the new Aquarium! It was a whole lot of fun, even if not all the exhibits were full yet.
Abe had so much fun. That kid cracks me up every time we are out! He just walks over to each exhibit and points out the ones he knows, then he turns to strangers and teaches them what he knows. No fear in that kid!
Abe and Tyson climbed across the bridge together and Abe thought it was the coolest.
His favorite part was the Penguins! He LOVES those little animals!
Monet got most excited when we went into the Shark tunnel. I think because she could see all around her, she didn't have kids blocking the way or anything like that.
We got a new wagon from the Crown Grandparents! The kids LOVE it and so do Tyson and I! We don't have a double stroller so it is nice to be able to roll both of them around the block if we want to! Family walks are much more fun this way!
Monet is growing up so quickly! She is now starting on baby food and LOVES it! She will eat anything that is in front of her so we have to watch what Abe gives her, sometimes he likes to share things that she shouldn't be eating yet!
Abe can now sing the ABC's all the way through! He is a little performer and he loves to sing it for everyone who will sit and listen to him!