Saturday, February 28, 2015

February 2015 - Love Bugs

February has become one of my favorite months as a mom. There are so many fun things to do with the kids when it comes to Valentines Day. I love seeing their creativity blossom and I love teaching them about showing love to others. It is one of those holidays that I came to love much more as a mom than I did before. 
I started out the month meeting a brand new baby. My friend, Anne, had her first born son and I got to see him when he was just a day old. I love holding sweet little babies! 
Surprisingly it was REALLY warm the whole month long! We were able to spend a lot of our time at the park in our backyard. The kids really love having so many fun things to explore so close to our home!
We made some Valentines for Tyson. He was at work and we thought it would be fun to surprise him when he got home with little love notes and drawings. The kids loved it! 
For Valentines Day breakfast I made some pink waffles and heart shaped bacon! 
Tyson and I wanted to go to the movies for the holiday but those theaters are always so crowded on holidays and we didn't want to find a baby sitter. SO........ Tyson made a theater in our house! He moved the TV into Abe's closet, hooked up the sound so the acoustics were perfect. We then put pillows, cushions and blankets all over so it was a comfy cozy theater.
We started a Harry Potter marathon. Abe watched the first one with us, then he went to bed. Tyson and I then got through the second and part of the third but fell asleep in that one. We aren't as young as we used to be :) Can't stay up all night anymore.
No Valentines Day is complete without decorating some cookies from Grami and Grandpa. This year we didn't have time to decorate them up at Grami's house but Grandpa sent us home with cookies and goodies and we were able to decorate them at home. 
Monet was MUCH more interested in eating than she was in decorating.
Abe, however, took his time making sure every last sprinkle was perfect.
He did enjoy the eating process too though :)
We had some fun times with friends this month. We were able to hang out with my friend Jill and one of her daughters, Kora. Kora is just a month older than Monet and they get along really well! 
We ended the month with a Crown family dinner. I was able to sneak this adorable picture of Grandpa reading to all his grandkids. This is something that happens just about every time we get together, but we aren't always able to capture these sweet moments. I am glad I got this one.
The kids are growing up so fast. I am so glad we can catch a few moments here and there and keep these memories.