Monday, October 22, 2012

Shwimmin in Summer!!!

There are a few pictures already floating around of my little cute baby boy shwimmin, but I am pretty sure he is cute enough for me to dedicate a whole post to it.
First, I was able to find a pool floatie for ABE on eBay. I wanted one with little leg holes so I didn't have to hold his bum the whole time, but also one that was ALL BOY. Too many of those floaties are too girly for my little man.

We found a CARS floatie!

He loves the floatie. He will play with it inside, and outside!
My in-laws just bought a house in Draper, which has a community pool so we spent a lot of time up there playing in the water!
Too bad the weather is getting colder and the pool is closed now, I love taking my little man Shwimmin!