Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Jolly July

We had quite the 4th of July weekend this year. It was full of family and friends and of course FIREWORKS (possibly a little bit of fire as well).

We started the weekend with Yard Sales, where we bought this jewel of a pinata. We buckled her in so she would be safe on the way to the Crown home.
She seemed to enjoy the ride. But this ride had to end somewhere. We took her out, tied her up and I began to teach Lucas about how pinatas work.
Once he introduced himself he was ready to get the candy out.Kyle swung a little too hard, ripped the rope right out of the pinata and we had to fix it up.
Turns out Tyson knows how to tie a noose. Creepy, but I guess that is what they teach you in boy scouts!
Once the noose was fixed up it was time to smash this thing.Everyone got a turn, but Dad was the one to break the thing open. But not all the candy came out! So he continued to smash it when it hit the ground.Kyle filled his shirt and the rest of us picked through to find the prizes!Needless to say there were some pretty cool things hidden in that pinata!Once we had the sugar in our bodies we were ready to play! That is when we brought out the hula-hoops!Then Lucas decided Grandpa had worked too hard with the hula-hoop and deserved a ride.Then it was time for the boys to build our grand finale of fireworks! They used a long fuse to make sure all the fireworks were connected. There are also several different army men and random toys taped to the board so we can see how they melt in the end. Bryan has made this melting of army men a tradition for the 4th.When the sun went down we lit them off.There was a small fire afterward but nothing these boys couldn't take care of!

The night was awesome. We had a great time with the Crown family! But the weekend was not over yet! Tyson and I had Monday off of work and it was a beautiful thing. We ended up going to the Bees game!We sat on the lawn, so we would have great seats for the fireworks after!We did have perfect seats for the fireworks. I wish I had taken video of the show, it was great and we saw something I have never seen before! You know how you can see them burning as they go up, then they explode in the sky? Well we watched one go up, then come back down, and it exploded on the field! Luckily it exploded in a place where people were not sitting, but green fireballs did go out into the crowd of people! It was so scary, everyone screamed. I don't think anyone was hurt but I definitely would not have liked to be down there! The show continued as normal and there were no more mess ups.

It was a great 4th of July weekend for us!