Monday, September 1, 2014

Amazing August

August started off with a bang for us. It was my first trip away from the kids and Tyson. My first time away for a few days all on my own. And it was really fun!
Perfectly Posh had their annual Unconventional in Las Vegas this year and I was able to attend with a few of my greatest friends. It was a truly amazing experience and I really hope to be able to attend every year from here on out!

Ladies who lunch! We found a restaurant with pink couches so naturally we had to eat there!

On the last night we had an awards night and the theme was "Sparkle". So we all put on our sparkles and partied with all the other consultants. I also got to sneak in a few pictures with my in-laws :)

Me and Ann Dalton, the founder and CEO of Perfectly Posh! 

Just walking around our amazing hotel, we found this really pretty garden area. 
 We were able to participate in classes, games, and events all to help us grow our business. We got to try the new products and play with fellow consultants!

We had more rainstorms. Kids got to watch the rain fall from inside and then we also played outside in the puddles!

Monet got to play with her cute friend, Kora, quite a lot this month. My good friend, Jill, went with me to Unconventional and we get together often to talk business and just visit, so her cute daughters get to come along too and play with my kids! It is so fun to have someone I grew up with and watch our kids play together now.

Tyson was able to finish up a lot of the Circus room! His mom sewed curtains and things to add more effect to the room. Tyson built an actual stage for the kids to play on. Even a microphone and speaker set up for them!

Monet finally has enough hair to put a clip in! Might not be a big deal to you, but it is to me!

Tyson's work had a summer party that was way fun! Abe was able to go around and play games in order to win prizes! He loved it..... Even if he didn't really play the games right.

Tyson was in a Twinkie eating contest. He won.... He threw up as soon as we got home.....

We took Abe to his first big baseball game! He LOVED it! He had the most fun dancing in the aisles to the music. He kept dancing in front of strangers until they would dance with him. That kid has no fear at all!

This next story is more for me than for anyone else. I need to remember there was a time that this happened. And I need to hold it over my kids heads when they are older. Tyson and I woke up one morning to a crying baby. It was about 7:00 in the morning. Abe had a blowout in bed and definitely needed a bath. As I was bathing him Tyson went to check on Monet..... She also had a blowout and needed to join in the bath. We bathed them and at 7:30 Tyson left for work. I got them dried off, lotioned up and put into their clothes for the day. Then I helped Abe with breakfast and when I returned to Monet she had ANOTHER blowout all over her new fresh clothes.... It was 7:45....... So she got another bath and I started the laundry all before 8:00 AM. Sigh........
We got to meet our newest nephew, Evan, this month. He is such a sweet little boy! We are so glad we got to meet him before Carrie and Dan went overseas for school! We get to spend time with the little man for a few more months until he is big enough to travel with his momma (Carrie) and meet up with his daddy (Dan) in England.
We have been enjoying the fruits (and veggies) of our labors and eating from the garden almost every day. It is so much fun to know our work is paying off and that Abe likes what we have been growing.

So that's our update for the Amazing month of August! Hope you enjoyed :)