Sunday, September 1, 2013

August Heat and Adventures

August is usually one of my favorite months of the year. Usually in Utah the weather starts cooling off, school starts up again and everything seems to start to calm down. This year was different..... August still has been one of my favorite months this year, but we did not go back to school and the weather definitely did not start to cool off! We still have lots of adventures to share with you!
We were able to celebrate our nephew, Justin's, birthday. Natalie made an amazing Captain America cake for him!
When you cut the cake you could see that she designed it to look like the American flag! So awesome!
Our first blackberries came in! We have had several that I have been able to eat but most of them are getting pecked by the birds! We are working on getting something to protect our little berries from the 150 species of birds that live in the ponds by our home.
We celebrated another birthday! Our good friend Nate came to celebrate with us. Wouldn't let me take any birthday pics but I got some of the treats I made!
We also celebrated our nephew, Micah's, birth-day! He got a lot of cool stuff! but I didn't get any cool pictures because I had a little man on my lap :)
Abe, Tyson and I went to Despicable Me 2! Abe sat through it so well! He only had to get up and stretch his legs a few times.
Abe LOVED the minions! He now has a little Minion toy and each time he sees it he says, "Whaaaaaaat?". Love that kid.
We were able to go up to Papa's house and help him build on his deck as well as get his yard the way he wants it.
Abe and I mostly played inside while Tyson worked! We like to stay where the air conditioning is!
We had family dinner with the Crowns. We do this once a month but I don't often get pictures of how cute the kiddies are together! I couldn't resist getting a picture of Abe and Ellie sitting on the little table together!
We were able to have a great adventure at the Aquarium. It is closing for a few months while they switch over to the new venue so we decided to visit the old one just one last time.
Abe LOVED the fish and really had a fun time watching the penguins diving and swimming around!
I was pretty sure he was going to try and jump in the pool where you can pet the sting rays because he was so excited.
Abe LOVES to go on adventures!
We braved it and took Abe to his first hair cut at an actual salon. We have shaved his head, tried to cut his hair ourselves, and had siblings cut it, but we had never taken him to an actual salon.
He sat on Daddy's lap and things looked like they were going to be okay. Up until she got started! He did not like the experience.
But he sure looks handsome with his new do, don't you think?
My sister-in-law, Nikki, invited Abe and me to go with her and her kiddies to the Farm at Thanksgiving Point!
Abe is learning all his animal sounds and loved running around telling me each of the animal sounds. It really surprised him when he started to moo at a cow and the cow mooed back!
He sure looks up to his cousin Lucas. I don't think there is anyone on this planet that can make Abe laugh the way Lucas can! Those two really have fun together.
Ellie was just happy to be there with the boys! I couldn't believe how much fun these three had together!
We took a quick trip up to City Creek Mall. Abe had so much fun playing with and looking at the fountains.
I just wish we had brought a change of clothes so he could play in the splash pad! I wasn't thinking!
After City Creek we got to meet our newest nephew! He definitely holds the record for highest birth weight in the family! He came to this world weighing a whopping 10 lbs 13 oz! Emily sure is a trooper!
We love all these babies coming into our world! It is so fun to get to meet each special little one and I LOVE holding little babies! It is also helping our Abe to get used to seeing babies. I know it will be a completely different story when the baby comes home with us and doesn't go away, but at least he gets to see new babies and start to learn how to be soft and nice with them!

The grand finale to our adventurous month was the wedding of Dan and Carrie! Oh my goodness these two are so deep in love!
It was so much fun to share this day with them and I am so glad they are married forever! It was a beautiful reception and an even more beautiful ceremony.
Although this August was unlike any other, it was amazing. We had so much fun and we were able to do so many things as a family. I am so glad this August was such a great one!