Sunday, October 23, 2011


I know, I know. I am the worst at updating the blog. I get so busy and so tired that I just don't get around to it. So.... Without waiting any longer, I will give you some updates!

We have been working on the nursery. Yes, Tyson is doing the most work but I have actually put in a few hours myself! My mom taught me how to sew the crib bedding!
I did pretty good eh? I am proud of it.
Tyson has come along with the painting of the nursery. There are more colors on it now, and we have moved the furniture around again, but those updates will come later. After I take the time to take more pictures! For now, here are some progressive photos.


Tyson and I had the chance to get BYU Football tickets this year. We bought tickets for three different games. The first was the BYU vs Utah game! I am sad to say we lost, we lost big time! But Tyson and I had a really good time.
I might have sat in nacho cheese and not realized it, and it was the last game I was able to go to with Tyson, but it was fun all the same. (Games on bleachers + being great with child = one sore mamma)
Every year around Halloween the Crown side of the family gets together to do Haunted Gingerbread Houses! We do it in celebration of Nikki's birthday because she LOVES it! It is really fun for everyone. 
You can see we usually do the graham houses.
Lucas was very proud of his work!
Everyone gets in on the party!

But.... we weren't satisfied just doing it once this year! My mom and dad actually took the time to bake real gingerbread, so the next week we had another party and decorated more! 
When we were done, the boys were tired.....
My friends, Danny and Anne, were so kind and threw me a great baby shower! It was Seuss themed and so stinkin cute!
We had all sorts of treats!
And, my dad and mother-in-law got in on the fun too! With my family, there's bound to be entertainment every which way!
Okay that is the update so far! Hopefully later this week (or maybe in a few weeks) I can get another update up!