Thursday, February 28, 2013

February 2013

The month of February was a really fun one this year. It seemed like we had a lot going on. 
I started out the month with doing my first Vendor Event for Posh with my sister-in-law, Adrianne. It was a new experience. I think I am more of a party consultant but it never hurts to try new things!
We had a few friends over to watch the SuperBowl this year. I wanted to make some fun cookies. So I rolled out sugar cookie dough and cut them out with my football cookie cutters. They were looking good!
Until I baked them.....
Adam had his first chip! We had been holding off until some of his molars came in and he knew how to chew. Needless to say, he LOVED IT!
Adam also had his first sucker! He LOVED that one too.
I got to babysit my cute Niece, Jordan, while her mommy and daddy went out on a date. We had so much fun together! Jordan and Abe play so well together! I am glad cousins can be friends too!
Had a girls night with two of my girly friends. We pampered ourselves with mudmasks and chatted all night long! Oh, there was also chocolate, of course there was chocolate.
While I was having girls night with Fernanda and Liz, Abe was having boys night with Sebi and Lance. Oh Tyson was there too! These two boys are so cute together! I can't get enough!
We celebrated the anniversary of my dad's 25th birthday. Can't remember which anniversary we are on, but he is still young at heart! My dad loves fish and recently had to sell his fish tank :( So Nikki made him an adorable fish cake!
Tyson was good to me on Valentines. He surprised me with flowers a day early so I wouldn't go out and buy my own. (Sometimes I beat him to the punch) He got the perfect flowers! They were beautiful!
Adam got a new carseat for Valentines Day! Okay he just got it because he needed it, but it was bought right around Valentines so it counts.
Tyson is on a diet and can't have sugar so I got him some shaving goods. I didn't take pictures because I am lazy, but I'll tell ya this much, they smell GREAT!

We went out to dinner as a little family to celebrate the holiday. Tyson was able to get off a little early that day from work so we were able to beat the rush! It was great!
Adam took his first steps in Feb! He is getting so big so fast! I can't even believe my little boy is going through all these milestones and getting so old!
Tyson gave him a haircut. It was a "mullett-hawk" and it was trashy but Abe is just a little kid so it doesn't matter! He seemed to like it, but I had Tyson cut it off a few weeks later when I couldn't handle it anymore!