Tuesday, November 16, 2010

October Festivities

October was full of adventures for our family! There was a lot of time spent with friends and with family. Tyson and I didn't dress up this year, but we did a lot of fun activities through the whole month!

We started by celebrating Nikki's birthday! She loves to decorate haunted gingerbread houses, so the family got together and made our own houses! It has become a tradition and everyone loves it!

I made a house that was on fire! I thought it was pretty awesome. Tyson made a ghost house, with a ghost coming out of it. Very artistic, as Tyson always is!

Nikki made her haunted house, she always makes cute ones!.... Oh, I mean, SCARY ones.

I think Bryan enjoys the candy the most. He always has his decked out in sweets, and his belly full of sweets too.

We had family pictures taken with the Crown family. Nikki told Bryan that if he was good he could have ice cream. We all went out to ice cream and Lucas put on a show for all the ladies! I just thought I would share some of his moves with all of you! ( I hope the video works!)

We had a pumpkin carving party with some friends. There was a lot of mess but a lot of fun too! Everyone had some pretty great pumpkins.

Tyson is always the winner of the pumpkin carving festivities!

I made these yummy peanut butter fingers for almost every event we attended. Great recipe from my Mom! These cookies are delicious but I have made sooooo many this year, I am glad to be done for a while.

More fun at the Crown home. We had some fun making cookies....

We also carved some more pumpkins! These ones were pretty awesome, everyone did a good job,

I carved a creepy crawley spider!

My mom carved a dragon! She looks cute in this picture, but I am afraid Tyson looks a little scary. All in the mood of the holiday I guess.

Kyle also carved a spider.

We must have all been in a spider mood because Nikki had a spider in hers too!

I don't know that Lucas likes to get slimey with the pumpkin juice. It is one of my favorite parts! Lets get messy and carve some pumpkins! Tyson didn't mind getting messy. His pumpkin was a process.

The process was worth the result though! Look at that awesome thing!

We then had a party with some friends where we watched a scary movie and made some Halloween themed food. We made a zombie meatloaf......

We made pumpkin popcorn treats!

And we made a bit of a mess, but that part can be fun too!

I know this post is mostly pictures, I tried to narrow things out. There are just so many events I wanted to share! More will be coming soon!