Thursday, August 1, 2013

Summer Fun in July!

Each and every year we have a big firework event at the Crown home. This year was the biggest event yet! 
With over a thousand dollars worth of fireworks and tons of fuse the boys were able to connect the fireworks all together.
We had friends and family over to play as well. 
We had outdoor games, like a pinata and other fun things to play with. We had a BBQ and I think everyone that came had a good time.
The rain started to drizzle on us but we didn't mind. The show was amazing!

Abe and I had some fun with his little pool this July. He loves that thing!

We have been BBQ-ing a lot this year. We love having a grill of our own and Tyson really cooks some good food!
Tyson was able to get more work done on Abe's big boy room mural!
Abe is getting bigger!
We were able to get all the pregnant sisters together for a photo! It has been crazy/fun to have the 5 of us pregnant at once!
Then Natalie had her baby Lincoln and we were able to meet him at the hospital!
Abe didn't care if I held Lincoln all day long, but the moment Tyson tried to hold the new baby Abe was not very happy. We are going to have to work on that before our little lady gets here!
Summer isn't over but we sure have had a lot of summer fun packed into our month of July!