Friday, August 1, 2014

Fabulous Firsts - July 2014

July brought on a lot of firsts for our little family.

First solid food for Monet (meaning crackers rather than just the baby food mush). She loves it! Anything she can get into her mouth she will eat. Abe never put fuzz or dirt in his mouth, but we have to watch Monet close because ANYTHING she can pick up goes right into her mouth.

First fireworks without Abe crying! The last two years he HATED fireworks and screamed and cried anytime we saw them. This yeah he loved them and is still asking for more! I don't know if it is because he needs to look tough in front of his little sister or what but I am glad he actually enjoys them now! You can't be in this family and not LOVE fireworks!

First time climbing out of the swing. Monet is definitely getting more mobile. She might not be crawling yet, but she can roll wherever she wants to go!
First splash pad! I know I know, it is sad that we haven't taken Abe and Monet to more splash pads! We have seen a few and run through a few in passing, but we actually went to one with the intent of playing for hours! The kids loved it!

First trip to the Zoo (for Monet, Abe has been before). We were able to take our two seater wagon around the zoo and the kids really liked it! When they weren't giggling at each other they were pointing out the animals.

Abe loves to teach his sister all about the animals and the sounds they make. She sits quietly while he explains everything to her.

First train ride for both kids! If you know me, you know I LOVE choo-choo trains! So I was really happy when the line wasn't too long to ride on the Zoo train! Both kids loved it too!

First snow cone! Okay okay we have lots of snow cones every year, so Abe has had one before, but this is the first one of the season! Mmmmmmmm
First big rain storm (of the year)! It rained a lot for about two weeks and Abe was able to go out often to run and jump in the puddles. We love summer rain where it is warm enough to play in!

You can see that the month of July was full of firsts for us! We had so many adventures and we are loving growing and playing together.