Friday, July 6, 2012

Mothers Day

I know I am still behind and working on getting caught up. I need to make sure I get these events down before I forget them. I see this blog as kind of a family journal. 
Mothers Day was amazing this year. It was my first one with a baby! Tyson was so great to me, he woke up with the baby that morning and let me sleep in a bit. He then brought me cinnamon rolls. YUM!
We headed over to Adrianne's house because we wanted to talk with Tyson's little brother who is on his mission. We never got a hold of him but it was fun to see all the new babies together. We love how much the family has grown this year!
All the mommies and babies that were there.
We then got to go to my parents house and talk with my little brother via Skype. Kyle is doing so well and he was so fun to talk to! He has so many stories and I love the way you can feel the energy of that boy even through a skype call.
 That's all for now!