Sunday, June 19, 2011

I call him Daddy

Today I am bursting with a lot of emotions. Call it pregnancy hormones, call it crazy, call it whatever you want but I feel like I need to explode a bit on my blog about one of the best examples in my life. My daddy.

What an amazing man he is. I can't even count the times he has comforted me and raised my spirits up in a time of need. My daddy has always been the one I run to when I am feeling sad. He is also one of the first people I tell when something good is going on. I am so close to my dad and I would not have it any other way.

As I think about my dad I think about how much he has taught me. One of the biggest things he has taught me is how to serve others. I have never seen anyone as willing to serve as my dad. He will drop anything and help those in need. He has served me in so many ways through my life and I love him for teaching by example such a wonderful concept.

My dad taught me how to pray. Prayer wasn't always an easy concept for me to grasp and it wasn't something I always did. With my dad there to guide me and remind me that I can pray anytime I was able to latch on to the concept and I am forever grateful for that. Because my dad taught me what prayer is I can now pray all the time and know my Heavenly Father loves to hear from me.

My dad taught me how to sing. To some this might not seem like a big deal but to me music is my heart and soul. Music speaks to me in ways I cannot explain and it is a way of expressing myself that cannot be matched. I remember the first time I saw my dad sing in public. "You Raise Me Up" was the song. He is a tremendous singer and I am so glad he could show me what music can do. I never feel closer to my dad than when I am singing with him at the piano in our home.

My dad taught me to believe in me. This is a concept that is hard for many people to learn as they are growing up and I will admit that I struggled figuring out who I was. No matter how much I struggled, or how mad I made him when I messed up, he was there to tell me who I really am. I finally started to listen and I am really glad he kept trying.

I love my daddy very much. He means so much to me. I know I am meant to be in his family and I am so grateful for what he and my mom taught me (and are teaching me) throughout the years.