Thursday, June 28, 2012

Idaho Visit and Bear World

Tyson's parents are in Rexburg Idaho for right now while Stan works on a project out there. We decided one weekend that we should drive up there for a visit! It was our first road trip with Adam and we were a little worried about it at first. But everything went well! There were a few times where I had to climb in the back seat and sit next to my wonderful baby but he slept most of the way and talked to himself a bunch.
We went to a play with Tyson's parents when we were up there. It is one of my very favorite plays ever, The Foreigner. I knew Tyson would love it and sure enough he was just about rolling on the floor laughing the whole time!
We went to a place called Bear World. It was actually really cool! There were tons of bears and we just drove around this little road and looked out the windows at the bears. 
Adam got to meet some fun animals.
He even got to pet a baby bear cub! It was AWESOME.
Mostly he loved it, until we fed him to the bear.
On the way home we stopped in front of one of the new Temples being built. It was beautiful!