Sunday, March 13, 2011

Love in 2011

I know it has been a while since I last updated the blog. Heres the thing, I have been busy. Not fake busy, but busier than I have been in a very long time. Since I am feeling under the weather today I shall blog.....

It has been a busy last few months. Tyson has been working 60 hours a week. I have been working 50 hours a week and still doing school full time. I am taking one of the hardest classes I have ever taken (second only to math 1050) and am struggling through it. I am working on this service project for the refugees of Sudan. We are also trying to keep our house and our brains together. Needless to say we are both a little frazzled here at the Ellis home.

Our friends and family have been really great to us. My mom and dad are saints. Every time I get this busy I get a little emotional. I think I have called my mom and dad about 20 times over the last few weeks just bawling about something stupid that doesn't really matter. They just tell me how great I am and things are better. They know how to take care of me! Tyson's sister Adrianne, who lives down the street from us, has been kind enough to cook me dinner after a long day. It is so nice to have her down the street and have her welcome me even when Tyson is not with ame! Our friends have been great as well. We had the chance to have dinner with my bestest friend Danny and her husband and their little girl Maylie TWICE in one week! They have been great to remind us that we might be working hard, but it will be worth it in the end and that we should relax when we can! All in all, Tyson and I have a great support system!

Okay, now just for a personal plug. My socks for Sudan drive is going great! My parents donated about a MILLION pairs of socks! Okay, not that much but a lot. And we have raised about $110 so far! Things are going well!

In February we celebrated Valentines Day. Tyson and I worked a 12 hour shift that day and were pretty pooped! But not too pooped to exchange gifts!

Tyson surprised me with flowers! I didn't think he would get me flowers as he was in the office all day, and since I work with him I knew when he took lunch and everything. Anyway, I love them and they are still alive! He knew how I hate when the flowers just die and he got me a little potted plant so it could live!
I know it sounds boring, but I got Tyson a headset for his XBox games. Tyson plays games with his friends online and without a headset he can't talk with them. I like it better when he can talk to them because then it is more a social game. So, I got him a few headsets so he can play with his friends.
Tyson also got me a HUGE gummy bear! This thing is 5lbs! It is the equivalent to about 1500 normal gummies. Yeah, we still have most if it.
We ordered a heart shaped pizza because I did not want to cook and by the time we got home from work it was too late to go out to a nice dinner to celebrate.
We did go to dinner a few nights before, because we knew we would not be able to go out on the actual day.
A few weeks of overtime went by and we were really getting pooped. I was falling behind in school but was trying my hardest. We ended up coming up with a schedule so we could get everything done. I mean, not even our laundry was getting done! I was feeling really anxious and Tyson told me to go out with my girlfriends one Saturday. Me and the girls went to a movie and hung out for a bit. I called Tyson on the way home and he said he had been just laying around relaxing after a long week (very understandable). When I got home..... drumroll please...... he had cleaned the whole house! He vacuumed, he did the dishes, he did ALL the laundry! I was amazed! What a great husband I have!

Speaking of having a great husband. He got promoted! Tyson is now a manager. Between him and one other guy they manage a little over 50 people. Yes, I am included in that. My husband is now my manager. It has been okay so far, but we will see how it goes. Mostly I am just very proud of him and glad the company can see how hard he works.

Well we celebrated our one year anniversary! Yesterday actually.... We didn't do anything big like a lot of people do. But we did have an adventure. We started by going to IKEA.
mmmm, love the meatballs there!
We ate there and then shopped for some stuff for the house. We gave ourselves a limit and decided some of these things count as anniversary gifts.

Tyson picked out the lamps!
Tyson surprised me once again, he got me the box set of the Toy Story movies! We had been looking everywhere to get these all in one set and he found this cute set that comes in a toybox!
We ended our day of adventure by going out to dinner. We went to Iggys. It was awesome because we not only got to see part of the BYU game (sorry, they lost) but we also got to see part of the Jazz game (they also didn't do well). We had a lot of fun!
Tyson and I are going to Las Vegas in May to celebrate my graduating. We are super excited! For our anniversary gift I gave Tyson tickets to Circ Du Soleil in Vegas! He was very excited.

And that sums it up...... More updates to come....

And Tyson, himself, carved the roast beast.