Thursday, June 24, 2010

Summer Lovin

Tyson and I were tired of working, and we had built up a little bit of PTO. We decided to take a trip for just the two of us. Neither of us had been to Lake Powell before so we decided we would camp and swim and play. There were many stops along the way though!

We started out in Moab. We didn't want to drive all the way to the lake on the first day, so we stopped and camped in a random place in Moab.

This was the fire we had built the first night. It looks well and good. Little does this picture show that it was SOOOO windy that night! I really was scared that the fire was going to engulf me when a gust of wind hit it. Tyson just laughed at my non-fire-knowing ways. Silly me and only knowing about contained non windy girls camp fire (with a bucket of water and ice near by)...

We could have spent money and bought ourselves a tent. Or we could use what we have and camp in the car! You might think that is a bad idea, but this was a great set up! We were able to take out the back seats, lay down some padding and we were both able to sleep pretty well. I was surprised at how well this set up worked for us.

We were sleeping pretty no matter where we were camping. No need to mess with setting up a tent! Lets just drive and sleep wherever!

You can see I was pretty excited about this.

We spent the next day at Arches National Park. We took time to drive around and see the pretty sights, and we stopped to hike for a while. It was fun to be out in the open and see these awesome parts of nature! Tyson and I love to hike and play around outside!

This was a double arch we hiked up to. We didn't think we would be hiking when we left, so we were both in sandals, but we ran around all the same.

Tyson wanted to climb up high, so I followed him for a while, then I decided my flip flops were not going to cut it all the way up.

I did climb around a little though! It was harder to get down than it was to get up.

When we were tired of climbing and hiking we decided it was time to head down to Lake Powell. We were able to find a campground where we could drive up right near the water. So we parked the car, and went swimming!

You might think it is weird for two adults to have their noodles, but we loved it! We swam for hours and floated with our noodles.

This was the view from the back of the car. There were a few people around but not many, so it was not too crowded or loud.

We stayed here a while, and when we wanted something different we decided it was time to drive to another area of Lake Powell. I was nervous about this, but Tyson is a man of adventure and so we went exploring.

After a few hours of driving we saw this great sight! There was a canyon with water at the bottom. We saw the road that would take us down and Tyson was sure there would be camping. I was not so sure but we went on down and alas, it was beautiful.

We ended our vacation here. We found a camping spot where we could really hop out of the car and into the water! It was amazing! There were also almost no people in sight! We enjoyed ourselves very much, and expect to come back again.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Dead People and Living People

We attended quite the yard sale a few Saturdays ago. The ad asked us to come smell the history of DEAD PEOPLES STUFF. Naturally the whole family wanted to go. It was not the normal Estate Sale we have all come to love, but it was pretty neat none the less!There were all sorts of treasures!We had to try them out!There were even some really cool carriges. We explored for a while and had a great time looking through DEAD PEOPLES STUFF.

After celebrating the glorious stuff of the dead, we thought it would be a good idea to celebrate some life. The life of Kyle that is! We had to have a family celebration for this young lad! Okay, he is becomming an old lad, but he will always be my little brother (even if he is much taller).Kyle wanted a surprise for his cake this year, so my mom whipped out her neat Hello Cupcake book and we made hippos and crocodiles! It was so much fun and don't they look great? Of course, by the end we all had the song "Never smile at a crocodile" in our heads.Kyle received some great gifts from Bryan and Nikki. They know just what a future missionary will need. Including some sweet sheets! (Unfortunately I don't have a picture of the sheets, but they are sweet.)Tyson and I thought Kyle would have fun hunting Werewolves and Vampires. Pretty sweet game, for a pretty cool guy.

All in all it was a great day full of life, and death.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Month of May!

We have had a busy and big month of May!

Tyson took on a second job for a few weeks. He was making sales for the company we coach for. It was working out well (except for the long days) then the company decided they didn't want coaches selling as well and that ended.

I have been experiencing the life of Relief Society 1st Counselor. It has been an adventure getting used to the calling. They gave me the calling the first week I was in the ward! They didn't even know who I was! Things work out for the best though, it has been a real blessing for us. I have really enjoyed getting to know the girls in my ward and finding out I am not the only one figuring out this married thing.
Last week I had my first snow cone of the season! I was looking forward to it for a long time! It was delicious and I loved it! Then.... two days later it snowed outside! At least I got one snow cone in before the last snow, and hopefully it really is the last snow of the season.

We have had weddings galore to go to! All of the brides I have seen over this last month have been glowing and so happy! I am glad to see so many of my friends finding their partners and starting their lives off right! Love is definitely in the air this spring. This is Ben, it is not a bride but he sure is excited to see the bride!

Along with all the weddings there have also been a lot of fun bridal showers! It is so fun to sit with my friends as they talk about how excited they are to be married! I love to see all of us growing up, plus it is nice to have friends in the same stage of life. Somehow it makes the adjusting process a little easier. Anyone who says getting married is not an adjustment is lying. It is so much fun and so great, but it is definitely different from anything else I have ever done!

We have started working out together. It has been really hard and my muscles are always sore, but it feels good to be working together to get healthy. I enjoy having Tyson by my side as I sweat to death with these home workouts.

Even though my Birthday is in June, we were able to celebrate with my family about a week ago. It was so great to be with my family who loves me so very much! They gave me a scrapbooking starter kit! I am so excited and have actually already started to use all of the fun things! I will be a scrapbooking queen in no time!

Nathaniels Graduation was great! He graduated with honors and we are all very proud of him! He looked so happy to be in those robes and be moving forward with his life. We are glad to see him moving up!

That sums up the month of May!

P.S. Our turtle has not eaten her two crab friends yet!