Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Socks For Sudan

Just a quick note to those who happen to read our blog. I am running a fundraiser for a school project. It is to get new socks for refugees of Sudan. We have many refugees living here in Utah. They have come from places with much violence and sadness. Here in Utah we are helping them to find work and to enter into our society. We are teaching them English and giving them skills many would not have had before. 
The only problem is that these refugees need socks. They have food, they have places to live, but they are in great need of socks for their feet. There is a need for womens socks, mens socks and even childrens socks.
If you would like to help me out with this I would really appreciate it! We need new pairs of socks (still in packaging). The drive will run through the end of March!
For more information, we are putting together a site. You can find it at We are still putting it together but all the functions should be there! You can purchase socks, or even donate money and we will buy the socks.
Thanks, and much love!