Saturday, June 1, 2013

May Flowers

One of our favorite things about owning our home is planting new flowers each year. We love to check out the different options we have and make our house look beautiful with the different colors.
I always love the tulips we have that come up each year. This year we also planted some beautiful lilies! We love them!
We started out our month with a bit of a scare from Abe. He started sleeping a lot and whining a lot. We could not figure out what was wrong with him. We just chalked it up to teething. Until.....
One day his cheek puffed up bigger than I have ever seen! And my Abe has big cheeks! Turns out he had a clogged salivary gland that was causing an infection. We took him to the Dr. and he told us we need to try and give him sour candies to get the blockage out. He warned us that babies don't usually love sour candy but to try and find something he will tolerate.....
Turns out after that first bite he was begging for more! This boy couldn't get enough of the sour candies! And sure enough, a few days, few packets of sour patch and some antibiotics later, my little man was back to himself and feeling much better.

Jonah had a birthday! The big 12 for this young man. 
I was able to graduate from my training at JetBlue. 
Tyson got me flowers for Mothers Day! I LOVED them!
We found out Abe loves to have popcorn!
We flew our first kite!
Abe loved running around with daddy and chasing the kite. He kept falling over though because it is a little hard to run around when you are looking up at a windy kite.
We were able to start having summer fun outside!
We also began gathering our stockpile for the annual Julyapalooza firework show. 
All in all, May was a good month!