Saturday, October 31, 2015

Boo to You - October 2015

October was a really fun month. Tyson and I REALLY love the Halloween holiday and our kids are really getting in on the fun too. Abe has had our costumes planned since January and we are sticking to it! I love to see their excitement as we put up decorations in our own house and when we see things around town. Holidays are so much more fun with kids!
We did start out the month with Pink Eye for little miss Monet. She was pretty miserable for a while and when this one slows down you know something is wrong.
 Brother helped her heal up and always made her feel better.
 Tyson began construction on the Princess Castle which is in the girls room. There will be a bed in a castle cubby and a trundle bed that slides out from underneath. He also plans to make a clubhouse area above the bed cubby. I don't know if I see the vision yet but I trust him!
 I reached the halfway mark in pregnancy this month! 20 weeks!
We went up to Kemmerer for a family party. It was the weekend of Grandpa Abe's birthday so we had a balloon release for him. It was a really beautiful moment. We also got to hear some really amazing stories about Grandpa Abe and it was a wonderful weekend. Abe didn't want to give up his balloon and told us "But I am just regular Abe" when we tried to explain why we were releasing it. He finally let go and watched it drift away with the others.
The kids also got to meet a crocodile!
 We took a family date out to see Hotel Transylvania 2. The kids sat really well through the whole movie and Abe has not stopped talking about all the cool characters.
No October is complete without PUMPKINS! We opted for painting this year rather than carving and the kids really took to the idea! Of course, half of the paint ended up on their bodies but that is expected.
Abe got his costume in the mail and we had a hard time keeping him out of it until Halloween. He wanted to get into character right away. I would say he has the crazy eyes down! He has also informed us that he likes Heath Ledger joker the best. 
We watched a lot of the Tim Burton movies this month. The kids really liked Frankenweenie. Nightmare Before Christmas is also a staple at our house, but we watch that one all year round.
Dressed up for the office Halloween party. had to show off my friend, Liz, and her amazing makeup. She does crazy makeup every year and this year was especially creepy.
 Finally! The kids got to dress up!
 Abe has been begging us to be the Batman villains since January. He announced that Daddy would be Penguin, Mommy would be Poison Ivy, Monet would be Catwoman and he would be Joker. We made it happen and he was in heaven every time we all got dressed up. I love how into the holiday he is! He has already started talking about next years Halloween.
 We went to Grami and Grandpas house for some Halloween fun! We decorated cookies, did pumpkin bowling and all sorts of fun activities. The kids LOVED it! They even won prizes for doing the different activities!
 We then headed up to Nana and Papa's house! We went trick or treating in their neighborhood and the kids got SPOILED! I think we came home with about 6 full size candy bars along with a lot of other treats and prizes! Nana and Papa even dressed up with us and went around! The kids loved it!
 We finished off with Trick or Treating in our own neighborhood. Tyson has most of these pictures on his phone and I will have to grab those and get them in here. The kids loved seeing their friends in their costumes and spent more time talking to people than they did getting candy. Which is probably a good thing because we will have candy coming out of our ears for about a month.