Monday, November 30, 2015

Family Time - November 2015

November is always a really fun month for us. We really love spending time with our families and this year we got to see everyone!
Abe got hit really hard with pink eye this month. He was a trooper through it all but we could tell he was not happy.
Both kids are still really getting a kick out of helping me make dinner. Even when it is just throwing a frozen pizza in the oven.
Monet turned 2 this month! She doesn't say a lot of words but she also doesn't have trouble letting us know how she feels. She loves to do whatever it is her big brother is doing and will follow him to the ends of the Earth.
We were able to play at Grami and Grandpa's house. The kids don't like to let Grandpa pump the player piano unless they are right there on the action. Monet likes to sit on his lap and Abe wants to sit next to him on the piano bench. Good thing Grandpa is such a good sport about it!
Took Monet out to dinner for her birthday. We chose Chuck-O-Rama because that way she could eat a little bit of everything. This was the first time we had taken either of the kids to a buffet and they thought it was the coolest thing in the world!
We had a really fun birthday party for our little princess. She was spoiled with a lot of princess stuff and loves to play dress up now.
We had dinner with our friends and I couldn't resist snapping this photo. It shows the kids personalities. Abe and Boston love playing and get pretty wild when they are together and Monet and Brielle just follow them around seeming a bit disinterested, mostly just watching.
Tyson and I had a really fun company party. The whole Aquarium was rented out for our company. We had a scavenger hunt, casino games and it was masquerade themed. Of course we found Batman masks! It is pretty fun working with my husband and I sure do love getting to go to these parties with him!
We spent Thanksgiving up at Nana and Papa's house. Even Carrie and Dan were there! It was so fun to have everyone together! The kids loved playing with cousins and we certainly loved the food!
Monet LOVES babies! We are trying to teach her about personal space but she doesn't care when it is a baby. She wants to be right up in there.
Monet is discovering the joys of Play Doh (without putting it in her mouth). I love seeing how excited she gets when we pull it out!
We were able to host a Thanksgiving dinner with the Crown side of the family on the Sunday following the holiday. Even our Aunt Patti was in town and was able to join us! We had some amazing food and a lot of laughs!
Of course we can't take just a "normal" family photo! We have to have a fun crazy one too! Abe's face cracks me up the most!

I love this cute family of mine!