Saturday, November 1, 2014

Booooo! October 2014

Well we really started October out with a BANG! I was putting Abe down for a nap. He was really excited to climb into bed and jumped under the covers, but on his way down he hit his head on the headboard and got a cut right below his eyebrow. I don't have much experience with stitches so I sent Tyson a picture asking if Abe would need any. Tyson rushed home and we took Abe to the InstaCare where he got 3 stitches!
Abe was really brave the whole time! Tyson was able to hold his hand and help him keep calm while the dr worked so close to his eye. 
Abe didn't let his stitches slow him down! The very next day we were playing and running around Cornbellys! He had so much fun!
Monet enjoyed being out in the sun and playing. Here is a side by side of the kids around the same ages at Cornbellys! So cute those little siblings!
Abe and I got in trouble because I was too big for the bounce thing.....

All in all it was a wonderful day!

Abe got his stitches out and was very brave again!

We had a Boo-tique at our house with lots of different sellers. Of course I had my Posh friends there with me!
Had a Fall photo shoot on our front porch! Look at all those pumpkins we grew in our garden!

My Perfectly Posh team got together for a girls night. We tried a few of the new products and just had fun! This is my favorite thing about this business, playing with my friends.

As a family we went to Evan's Family Farm! We were able to run around and really enjoy ourselves.
Abe even got to ride the pony! He LOVED it!

Grami Tami had her first knee replacement. The kids and I were able to visit her in the hospital.
Of course we had to carve the pumpkins we had grown! Mostly I was the one to do all the gutting and the carving.....

Naturally I had to make some posh pumpkins!
We went trick-or-treating and the kids had a blast! I love my little matching kids!