Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Jordan Lily Ellis

On Friday April 13th there was a beautiful baby girl born. Jordan Lily Ellis came into this world in the early hours of the morning.
She was in the NICU at the hospital for a few days due to a few small complications but was really a trooper. Her mom, Erika, was also a trooper.
This little lady is so beautiful and we are so excited to have our new niece! She is just as sweet as can be and I LOVE holding her in my arms.
I am so lucky to have so many babies in the family who are right around Adam's age. Within a year he has 4 cousins born! 5 babies in a year! WOW. 
You can see the size difference between Jordan and ABE. Jordan is a petite little thing when compared to my chunker!
Such a cute baby! Her parents couldn't be more proud.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Babysitting my friend Garrette

My wonderful sister-in-law, Natalie, had a baby boy 7 weeks before I had Adam. Natalie and I are the same age and are in the same stage of life. It has been awesome to have someone close to me that I can chat with about different things. From baby poop to being a working mom, we talk about it all.
Natalie and I both have to work to help out our households right now. We are both newly married and new moms so similar to other new moms out there, we gotta work to help pay for those diapers!
What has been nice is that Natalie and I have been able to work out our schedules where we can watch the babies for each other a few times a week. Natalie watches Adam, then we swap out and I watch Garrette.
It has be SO MUCH FUN playing with these two boys almost every day. Garrette is just old enough that he is a step ahead of Adam in developmental skills. So Garrette was rolling over before Adam, it seems like Garrette shows Adam how to do things. Garrette started blabbing and then taught Adam how to. These little men make me laugh so hard.
I just wanted to share some pictures of our adventures as we play together. I love these little men and I love playing with them!

St. Pattys Day

Tyson and I LOVE the day of the Leprechaun. We love dressing up in green and the food that goes along with things. 

This year we got to dress ABE up and he was so cute! Our friends gave us a little outfit that fit just right!

I made corned beef and cabbage along with green milk!
We had some friends over for dinner with the corned beef. It was the perfect St Patty's Day.

Monday, May 21, 2012


In March of 2010 I married my best friend. We were sealed in an LDS Temple for time and ALL eternity. To me this means I get to spend forever hanging out with my very best friend in the whole world. Our kids are also sealed to us forever, but eventually they will have their own spouses, so really it is me and Tyson. The dynamic duo forever.
In commemoration of this date I wanted to write down our story as I see it today.

Tyson and I met while we were working at a company called Tafiti. He was dating a very cute girl and I was dating... well I was dating someone. He and I noticed each other but we never talked much in the days of Tafiti. That was May of 2008

In August of 2008 the company was shut down. Tyson and I were laid off. Tyson immediately found work at a new company, but I waited a week searching out my options. I then interviewed at Thrive and got the job. On my first day there I saw Tyson walk in the office. I said hello, he said "oh you work here now?" I said "yes" and that was the end of that conversation.

I was then placed on the same team/row as Tyson. He was still dating that cute girl and I was dating someone new. We would talk about our adventures with friends and family and I began to develop a crush. It mainly started when he was telling me about taking his girlfriend on a date to milk cows. Weird I know, but I thought it was fun and cute that he would take her on that kind of a date, and I wanted to date him!

So...... the flirting began. I broke it off with the guy I was dating (okay okay he broke it off with me) and I was single. I gave Tyson my number and said "If you get bored, text me". Then I walked out of the office. not even 5 minutes later I got a text. This is where it all began to form.

December of 2008 Tyson and I went to a movie together. We met there and paid our own way so at the time we didn't think of it as a date, but now that I think back it was just me and him so it definitely counts as a date.

Tyson's girlfriend went on a mission on December 31st 2008. I was ready to make a move. In January I invited Tyson to go sledding with me and my roommates and on Valentines day of 2009 was our first official date. We had pink milk and watched a movie. I don't remember what movie, I just remember sitting awkwardly next to him on the couch with my flowery rain boots on.

We then started dating quite often.

In July of 2009 I broke it off with Tyson. I was scared and wanted to date around a bit. I started dating another boy but that was a flop. Tyson and I hadn't talked to each other AT ALL for like two weeks. I broke up with that boy, I was home alone in my apartment. The only person who knew I had broken it off was my mom. Honestly it was the scariest break up I have been through. I was scared the tires of my car were going to be slashed that night and I was scared to be alone. I was sitting in my room crying out of fear and my phone rang. I had a text. A text from Tyson. All it said was, "What do you call a fish with no eyes?". I replied "I dunno, what?" the response....... "FSH".... This was when I was hit in the face. I heard someone say "You need this man in your life". I knew I needed to at least be friends with Tyson.

Tyson and I started talking again. I told my friend Ragan that Tyson and I were just going to be friends and that I was going to move slow with things. He warned me that I had really hurt Tyson and to be gentle with him..... well like 2 days after that I told Tyson I loved him. Okay so I didn't move slow but when you feel it you say it right? He said it back and we were official.

In the fall of 2009 I was at the church with my family. We were at a meeting about the dedication of the Oquirrh Mtn Temple in Utah. I was hit so strongly with the spirit that I couldn't even talk. I was BAWLING. I couldn't even get words out to explain to my mom what I was crying about. I knew Tyson was the man I was going to marry. And that temple was the one we were going to get married in.

That night I went over to Tyson's apartment and told him about my experience. He was not shocked at all, he was ready to go! Shortly after we went ring shopping, he bought it and he asked me to marry him in December of 2009.

The months of being engaged are a blur of color, tears, happiness and stress. Planning a wedding is a lot of work! But we were happily married on March 12th 2010.

We moved into an apartment in Orem and started our life. We were still working at the same place and I was taking classes at UVU. In the fall of 2010 we began looking for a home.

December 2010 we signed on our house in Lehi and moved in.

April 2011 I found out I was pregnant.

May 2011 I graduated with my Bachelors of Communications.

December 2011 I fell in love with another man. Adam Bradley Ellis was born on December 2nd. The love in our home grew so much.

Tyson and I have a great little love story. Through it all he has always been my best friend. Tyson is there for me no matter what and I know he always will be there. He and I have a bond that is unexplained. I am so lucky to share my life with him and I am continually looking forward to our forever.

We did celebrate our anniversary.
We celebrated by going to the Anniversary Inn.
My parents had Adam for the night so Tyson and I just relaxed.
I can't believe how much has happened in the last two years. Tyson and I have just started our adventure together and there have already been so many things happening! I love the way my life is going.

Baby Blessing

I know, I know! I am terrible at updating the blog! Everyone keeps telling me how they want to see new posts with pictures of my little man. The thing is, I spend all my time playing with that little man and I forget to blog about him! So here I am, trying to get up to date.

I will start with Adam's baby blessing.
We blessed him at the beginning of February even though he was already 2 months old. We felt like the beginning of January was too busy with all the holidays and he was still in the hospital at the beginning of December!

Tyson's mom saved the outfit Tyson wore when he was blessed. We thought it was really special to be able to squeeze Adam in it for his blessing. It was a tight fit but it worked! He looked so dang cute in his little white jumper!
Tyson was the one to give the blessing and it was BEAUTIFUL! I don't know if Tyson was nervous at all but if he was he didn't show it. We were able to have the male members of our family (except our little brothers who are on their missions) participate in the circle. It was really cool to see all the guys up there with my special little man.

After the meeting we had a light brunch at our house. It was so fun to have everyone gather and chat and eat! We love to have all the family together.

Adam is a really special little man. He is our first child but he is also the first grandchild on Tyson's side of the family to carry the Ellis name. On top of that, he is a boy! I didn't know how much this meant at first until I heard my father-in-law talk about his family name being passed on. I then realized that the girls in the family have boys but those boys have Hunsaker or McBride as last names! This little man has the Ellis name to pass on. This made me really proud and happy to see the family growing.

There were some really special spirits around on this day. I know my big brother Brad was there and i was so touched to feel his sweet spirit and feel how happy he is for us. I know he is around often and I know he plays with Adam all the time. I love to feel my brother close and feel the bond my son has with those who have previously passed.

Adam's initials spell ABE. This is really special because Tyson's Grandpa had the nickname "Abe" when he was alive. Grandpa Abe is someone I never got to meet but I know he is around. It has been really interesting to know there are guardian angels around my family who I have never met before. I know Adam has a special bond with Grandpa Abe and I am so excited to have him around to help protect my son.

To sum up, I have a beautiful boy, a loving family, and love from people who have passed. I am a pretty lucky little lady.