Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Babysitting my friend Garrette

My wonderful sister-in-law, Natalie, had a baby boy 7 weeks before I had Adam. Natalie and I are the same age and are in the same stage of life. It has been awesome to have someone close to me that I can chat with about different things. From baby poop to being a working mom, we talk about it all.
Natalie and I both have to work to help out our households right now. We are both newly married and new moms so similar to other new moms out there, we gotta work to help pay for those diapers!
What has been nice is that Natalie and I have been able to work out our schedules where we can watch the babies for each other a few times a week. Natalie watches Adam, then we swap out and I watch Garrette.
It has be SO MUCH FUN playing with these two boys almost every day. Garrette is just old enough that he is a step ahead of Adam in developmental skills. So Garrette was rolling over before Adam, it seems like Garrette shows Adam how to do things. Garrette started blabbing and then taught Adam how to. These little men make me laugh so hard.
I just wanted to share some pictures of our adventures as we play together. I love these little men and I love playing with them!


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