Saturday, May 1, 2010

We had quite the adventure a few nights back!

Our tank for our turtle has been having some trouble over the last little while. We have found that one of the side walls was slanting. We both were dreading the day that our tank broke, flooded the house, killed our fishies and our dear turtle.

We have been longing to buy a new turtle tank but have not had the means for it, so we began our bargain hunt for a new tank for our little Brigadear. She is such a good little turtle! We just wanted to take care of her.

We found a steal! This is our Brig

So we found this really nice tank with a nice stand for dirt cheap! They were clearing out their stock and we asked to take the display tank. They let us have it and we set it up that night.
Brigadear and our two fish seemed quite happy in the beginning.....
They were not happy for long. The next day I came home from a hard day at work and found one of our fishies was upside down. That was my first time fishing for a dead fish and it certainly made me quite sad.
Even with the death of our fish, we are happy to have a new tank!
We are sad to have lost one of our little ones, but we did have a splendid surprise this week as well!

Tyson's car has been acting up and we were expecting things to cost a pretty penny to fix! We took it in and it was only a half a pretty penny! So while we were getting it fixed we bought two little crabs for the tank. They will help to keep things clean and plus they look cool.
I don't have any pictures of the crabs, but they kind of look like spiders with claws! Their bodies are only about as big around as a quarter. They are creepy little guys but we like them.
That is all for the adventures of Candace and Tyson, I would say it has been a big week for us!