Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Quick September

I say it was a quick September because I feel like it went by way too fast! I really think this year we might have skipped right from August to October!

We did get to have some fun outside this month. The weather was great! It was sunny and warm but not too hot! After a LONG HOT summer we really welcomed the breezes and rain that September brought to us.
We got to meet our newest nephew Stanley James Ellis! He is such a sweetheart! 
I love getting to hold newborns, especially as I get closer and closer to have my little lady come into this world.
Perfectly Posh celebrated our second birthday! For those of you who don't know, I sell some amazing naturally based pampering products. Perfectly Posh is the company I am lucky to be a part of. I got to go to our 2nd birthday party and it was so fun!
Tyson has made a lot of progress with Abe's big boy room!
It is a Superhero room and Abe LOVES it! He even loves to run up to the wall and gives Superman hugs!
Abe got a little more practice holding little babies! This is Abe and Tyson holding little Lincoln. So fun!
We enjoyed going to yard sales and garage sales this month! Got a few fun things including a fort building contraption that Tyson couldn't wait to get open and make a fort!
All in all it was a great month, but I really feel like it went by way too fast!