Thursday, January 19, 2012

What Child Is This?

I can't begin to tell you how special Christmas was for our little family this year. I received the best gift of all, my baby boy. Not only was that an amazing thing, but it is really special to have a newborn around Christmas. Something about it makes the holiday seem that much more sweet. Thinking of our Saviors birth and how he was once just a little guy like my little guy!
We had a lot of visitors come and go those first few weeks after birth. It was so much fun to see how everyone looks at my beautiful baby boy. There are always smiles and comments about his cute head of hair! Then everyone asks who he looks more like, well I think he is a pretty good mix of the two of us.
Papa was able to come down and see my bABE a few times. It is so much fun to have the first grandbaby to carry the Ellis name. Adam already has a special bond with his Papa.
Nikki, Bryan and Lucas came to visit us too! Nikki has a special baby in her belly and it was really fun to sit and explain to Lucas that my baby came out!
A few weeks before I gave birth I asked Lucas to ask Adam to come out. He shouted at my belly, "get outta there!" Then, after Adam came to our world Lucas said in his prayers "Thank you Candace's baby come out". I am pretty sure Lucas knew how badly I wanted to meet my baby and how badly my baby wanted to meet us!
I was feeling really sick and sore and tired after that major surgery but I wanted to give my baby a bath. Well I was not able to participate in his first two baths (the one at the hospital or the first one at home) but my dad came down and helped Tyson out. I am sure Tyson could have given Adam a bath on his own, but I am also sure that my dad was more than excited to help out.
Adam has a few new friends that are right around his age! Kaleigh Coombs was born just 4 days after him. We were able to get them together for a play date.
Carter Evans was born 4 weeks to the day after Adam. Adam looks soo much bigger than Carter! Keep in mind, in this picture Adam is 5 weeks old and Carter is a week old. Crazy how fast they grow!
We were able to do a bunch of Christmas activities this year which were really fun. Adam doesn't know what is going on, but we take him along anyway.
We were able to go with the Ellis side of the family to see the lights at Thanksgiving Point. They were beautiful and at the end there was the story of Christ's birth written out. It was really a lot of fun.
They also had ice sculptures and Reindeer!
Tyson, Adam and I had our own little Christmas just the three of us.
Mostly we bought Adam a bunch of clothes but it was fun to wrap them and unwrap them anyway!
Tyson got me a swing!..... Okay it is not for me, Adam sits in it, but it sure does help when I want to take a shower!
Tyson's favorite gift was from his parents. They got him a huge shotgun. He is quite giddy about it and has taken it out quite a few times already!
Adam with all his goodies.
We then had and chance to celebrate with the Crown side of the family.

Grandpa Warren was able to show off his ugly sweater and Santa hat. What you can't tell from the picture is that the sweater has actual Christmas lights that light up and the hat swings back and forth while playing songs. Quite the ensemble!
Adam in his Christmas Jammies from his Nana
We opened presents, I got to open for Adam.
We had a really great holiday. Lots of time spent with family and lots of memories made.
Then we had Tyson's birthday! Now I usually decorate the house in streamers and balloons.... well this year I was too tired.... So I threw streamers all over the kitchen floor and called it good. I should have taken some pictures!
Tyson doesn't love cake, so I made him Cinnamon rolls instead!

Adam and I brought them to him while he was in bed. So nice of us!
Now I wanted to take you through a few pictures of my sweet boy because I like to show him off.

Here he is in his Lumberjack shirt, just like his daddy!
Showing off his muscles!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


 I don't have a lot of time to write because my little man demands a lot of my attention but I wanted to add a few photos so everyone can see how cute he is!