Saturday, August 20, 2011


It has been quite some time since I have been able to post. Mostly because I lost my camera cord and I always like to have pictures in my posts. I just ended up buying a new cord so here I am! And finally, here is a post to update y'all on everything.

First we will start with my birthday. Back in June...... We were able to go up to my parents house on a Saturday for some fun times with the family.
Of course there was a pinata, I don't know if we can have a birthday party without one now!

The thing was so heavy it fell off the hook in the first swing!
We proceeded to hit it while it was on the ground.
It was really fun because my parents not only filled it with candy but also with a few baby things for me and some toys for Lucas. 
For graduation my parents gave me a sewing machine, and for my birthday they supplied me with the sewing necessities! Now I can get things done! It was really awesome to get these and put together my sewing kit.
I also got my diploma in the mail! So my parents wrapped that too, it was pretty much amazing.
With pregnancy comes weird cravings and also non-cravings (where some food sounds disgusting). My mom has always been the birthday queen and growing up she would let us choose what kind of cake we wanted and she would whip it up decorations and all. Well.... This year all I wanted was Twinkies and Popsickles. So, thats what we had!
Okay, pregnancy update time! The baby is still growing strong and is quite active right now! It is a boy and we already love him. Here are a few progressive side shots of the belly for those who haven't seen me. 
This last one was about 5 weeks ago and I have grown A LOT since then, more pictures soon....

I had a few girlfriends over for a cupcake night in July.
We made owls.....
and penguins! 
We made a mess but we sure had a lot of fun!
For the 24th of July we have started a tradition, well the boys have, of creating a HUGE show. This year was bigger than ever!
The boys set up the display.
Fuse.... Duct Tape..... Plywood.....
And Toys.....
After it was all set up we had to wait for the sun to set. The boys got up and explained what they had built, then the sun went down. We realized a street lamp was bringing a lot of light, but don't worry! Nikki's brother was able to shimmy up there and put a black bag over it to block the light.

Then it was time for a show!
Lots of people showed up and I think everyone was impressed with the display.

Now an update on our nursery! I have always had a special love for Dr. Seuss. When we found out we were having a baby I wanted to have a Seuss theme for the nursery. Lucky for me I married an AMAZING artist! He is painting murals on the walls!
So far he has one wall outlined.
We just have to plan, outline and fill in the others and all will be set! 
Well, thats all for now! More to come soon now that I have a camera cord!