Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Month of Novembeard

I know, it has been a long time since I have been on to post about our life and our little family. The truth is, WE ARE BUYING A HOUSE! So we have been spending all our free time packing and signing papers and trying to plan moving in. On top of that I still had school and work full time and Tyson was working double hard at our job. But alas, finals are over.... We haven't moved in yet, but I do feel it is time to write a new blog post.

Keeping with what seems to be a trend on our blog I am going to just talk about the wonderful events of November. One day I will have more time and will post more often, for now it is monthly (if I can even get that in).

November was a fun month. Many times it was really cold. Luckily for Tyson he decided to grow a beard the whole month, so he was not very cold. He did not shave from the beginning of November to the beginning of December. Thus the name, Novembeard. I was not a huge fan of this facial hair, and I believe the picture will show you why.
Tyson and I were able to go to a BYU football game with my good friend Laura. She was kind enough to invite us and we had a wonderful time! It was Tyson's first BYU football game in the stadium so it was a pretty big event. He was excited and luckily they won!
It was then time to celebrate a certain nephews 2nd birthday! Lucas turned two this November! That cute little boy sure is loved by the family! We had a lot of fun at his party.
Plus Nikki made an awesome birthday cake! I mean look at those skills!
We did get to see HARRY POTTER! My mom was able to get us tickets to the Jet Blue screening the day before it opened! This little troupe of Harry Potter fans was very excited! My whole family was able to go, along with a few of our friends, Will and Heather! It was a great movie and if you have not seen it then you need to.
Then of course we had Thanksgiving. This year we celebrated with my family. We stayed the weekend up there and had a lot of fun! I didn't get any cute pictures of everyone around the table, but here is the cute table with our name tags on it!
My parents have been working on a remodel in their home. Thanksgiving weekend was a good time for the boys to get working and knock out some walls!
I think they work together pretty darn well!
That sums up the month of November. December has been really busy already, but you will  have an update on that later!