Wednesday, May 1, 2013

April Parties

April was full of parties for our family this year! We had a lot of fun as the spring began to start and loved getting together so often with friends and family members!
Tyson and I find it very important to have date nights. Sometimes we do have to bring Abe with us but that is okay we still have fun! We decided to go to a Mexican restaurant called La Costa that we had never tried before and loved it! I think we have been back like 4 times since! And Abe LOVES the beans they serve!

The triplets next door had their first birthday and we were invited to celebrate with them. This means Abe was able to get in and experience his first bounce house!
It might have been a princess house but he loved it!
Our niece, Jordan, also turned one! Her big birthday gift was getting to announce that she is going to have a baby BROTHER!
We all sat and patiently waited for her to dig into her cake and tell us if the inside was blue or pink.

Then we were waiting too long so Ben cut the cake to show us it was BLUE! Yay for boys!
We got a wonderful gift from Tyson's mom this month. Over Tyson's mission he collected ties. Many people donated them and he has a few signatures. Tyson's mom took his favorite ties and made a few quilts out of them! She was able to finish this one and give it to us. We love it so much!
Speaking of missions and ties! Nathaniel came home from his mission! It was so fun to get and visit with him and hear all the mission stories he has to tell!
It was nice to see all the siblings back together again!
The whole family!
We were also excited to announce that we will be having another baby! Our little bean is due November 14th and we couldn't be more excited!
Abe is excited to be a big brother!