Thursday, May 1, 2014

April Adventures!

April brought on a lot of sibling love. These kids are now inseparable! Abe always wants to share blankies and toys with his sister and Monet loves every moment of it! I love seeing these two interact and grow together!
Abe and Garrette have had the chance to play together a few times this month. They have so much fun and I am glad to see they are becoming such good friends!

We had the Crown family over for Conference Saturday. We try to get together every Conference for breakfast or lunch and this time it was at our house! Of course Grandpa Warren went out to the playground to play with the kids!
These cousins have so much fun together!
Then on Conference Sunday we had the Ellis side of the family over! We had a family cookoff. Each family brought their ingredients and we all cooked different items, making enough where everyone could try everything we were making! Then we made a meal out of what we made! It was so much fun! Even if we did have to keep flipping the breaker because of all the cooking that was going on!
The cousins had fun playing together while the parents were busy cooking!
Also, it was Erika's birthday! So we threw that celebration in there as well!
We have been able to work on our garden a lot this year. Tyson has been working hard and making us garden boxes. We were also able to get a few fruit trees. We are really excited to be growing our own things and Abe loves to go out and check on the garden!
Easter weekend came and we had so much fun! We were able to start off the weekend with an egg hunt at the Crown Grandparent home! 
Abe was able to figure out that he needs to collect the eggs. At first he was just picking them up, shaking them and then putting them back! Once he saw there was chocolate in some of them he was all about gathering as many as he could!
No holiday would be complete without some sort of Crown family Craft! So we decorated cookies! Abe had a lot of fun putting the sprinkles on. He is getting better about not just dumping all of them on at once.
We then went up to the Ellis Grandparent house and were able to have another egg hunt! Abe was in heaven!!! It was so much fun to see all of the cousins running around and helping each other find the eggs. None of them were selfish about the hunt at all and it was adorable! It was all about making sure everyone got some eggs and got to have fun together.
On Easter Sunday we had our own egg hunt in the morning. Abe knew exactly what to do.... He even helped Monet get some eggs and he was sharing with her! This little boy sure does love his sister.
Monet started rolling over this month! She is getting soooooo big! I don't have any good pictures or videos of her actually rolling yet, but we will get one soon! She is such a little cutie!