Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September Adventures

We had a lot of fun in September. We were able to hang out with Carrie and Dan quite a bit before they headed out to England! We also had several adventures within our little family.
We started out the month by going to the new aquarium! It was so wonderful! Everything is now complete and it was really nice to see everything!
Monet had a lot of fun and for the most part she was content staying in her stroller. 
Abe was running around and loving every little bit there was to see and experience. He loved showing his little sister all the fun things and explaining to her what everything was.
I worked on a sewing project for my friend Anne. I was able to make crib bedding for the baby boy she is expecting in February!
We had BYU games at our house. 
We had lots of snuggles all around.
We got together with family and got to see all the new babies together!
I was able to attend another amazing event for Perfectly Posh. We had a mini conference type of thing in Salt Lake.

It was a lot of fun to spend time with my team!
And of course, seeing Andrew is always fun!
We were able to drive up to Idaho for a big party for Tyson's grandparents. 
We got to see cousins, watch a magic show and visit the farm!
The kids had a lot of fun!
Then we had a family reunion for my side of the family! It was really cool to see the family tree and how everyone is connected! My mom and dad spent hours putting the family tree together, totally amazing visual representation!
We enjoyed more items from our garden!
And the kids started to get ready for Halloween!
September was a great month!