Saturday, April 30, 2016

April 2016 - Change is Good

Tyson is loving his new job. It means he gets to visit new places every weekend, meet new people and have fun! I am a proud wife and I am so happy he has this opportunity.
Monet, watching General Conference. Every six months we get to hear from the leaders of our faith (We are members of the Latter Day Saints, aka LDS, aka Mormons) This is such a great time for us to get guidance. It is something that has really helped me through many times of my life. It is no shock that I received much guidance about our current situation with Bridget's medical needs and my role as mother. I love my faith!
Abe and Monet are still loving having a new baby in the house!
Here she is without her oxygen! Fresh out of the bath :)

Baking cookies together is one of our favorite things!
Abe really loves to help with any form of cooking or baking. He loves the process of mixing things up and seeing what happens. He is going to be a chef one day

We were able to play outside at the park a few times! The weather has been wonderful.
Bridget had a swallow study done to check out her little jaw and how it is affecting her eating. We know it is affecting her breathing and that is why she continues to have oxygen but the eating is something else all together. So she drank a special bottle while the Dr took x-rays. It was actually really cool to watch! The formula in the bottle showed up more clearly in the x-ray and you could see how everything works.
The update from the swallow test is that she is not allowing fluid in her lungs when she is eating. YAY! She still struggles with making sure things work correctly and I got some tips on how to feed her so she keeps up the good work. The ENT is going to keep her on oxygen for now.

These are the travel tanks we have stocked up! Each one lasts 40 hours so this is what we take when we are out and about.
This is the large tank that stays in our room. It is HUGE and I don't even know how many hours it lasts!
Hanging out
Monet was REALLY mad that I wouldn't let her pick Bridget up out of the pack'n'play. How dare I!?!
Movies in Mommy & Daddy's bed.
Bridget is 2 months old!
Just off to take Bridget for a Dr appointment. Today we went to get some equipment to make sure everything is still growing properly
Me and my girls :)
A little about Tyson's new job; He is now part of the Seminar Team for Adam Ginsberg and Get Motivated. This means he gets to travel every weekend and teach people about building their own business. He really loves it.
I love that the kids like to play together. Abe and Monet do just about everything together and they don't seem to mind!
Abe ADORES Bridget. Can you tell?
Some of her first smiles.
I got to travel with Tyson and see what his new job is all about! We went to Chicago together.
The kids didn't miss us one bit! They stayed at their Nana and Papa's house and cousins were there too!
Dinner with my man, in Chicago. I loved getting to go with him on this trip. He is amazing and I really enjoyed getting to see him in his element. It helps that I like everyone he works with!
The only tough thing about this new job is that Tyson is gone every weekend. But I do have three amazing, beautiful kids to keep me going! Life is good!