Friday, November 30, 2012

November 2012

This year November was really busy for us. Tyson took on a lot of projects with his art and he spent just about every extra hour drawing portraits for others. He has an amazing talent and I am so glad he is able to share this with others! I didn't want to show his works of art until after Christmas because most of the portraits were given to others as Christmas gifts. But, now that it is almost Valentines Day I think it is okay I share what he did.
Here are just a few pictures of the pencil portraits he drew.
We had some snow days in November. Abe and I spent most of our time inside just watching the snow fall. This boy is so cute. He loves to watch the snow from inside where it is warm, but if we go outside he starts freaking out! I am thinking he doesn't like the cold.
We set up our Christmas stuff even before Thanksgiving came. I was just so excited I had to get it up!
I have been working on stockings for Tyson and Abe since I was pregnant. These pictures don't have the names on the stockings but you can see the hard work I put into them!
My mom made me this stocking when I was a baby. I wanted to make stockings that would match mine.
This is Tyson's stocking!
This is my little Adam's stocking. His name will be on the gold tag on the top left, I just quite haven't gotten there yet and now the stockings are put away!
Our fun tree! My parents gave us this hand-me-down tree because it is so big they didn't want to take the work to set it up anymore. I gladly took this baby home and set it up for my family!
Tyson, Abe, and I, met Ben, Erika, and Jordan up in Draper to have dinner with Tyson's parents. It was a delicious dinner! We spent hours playing games together and just chatting, isn't that what the holiday is about?
After dinner, much more of the Ellis clan showed up for some pie and fun!
Tyson telling Abe to be nice and share the ball with his cousin!
Sunday after Thanksgiving we got to have a second celebration at the Crown home! Delicious food! Mmmmmm ham. We also decorated cookies after.
Gotta love fun with the family!


Rachel said...

Ok, so your husband has AMAZING talent. I mean, I always knew he was talented...but this is incredible! I'm blown away by the detail and life-likeness! Wow.

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