Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tyson's Birthday, Ringing in the New Year and other happenings.

We didn't do much this year for Tyson's birthday. The three of us got REALLY sick and we spent a full week on our backs writhing in sickness. Not a fun thing.

The first day we got sick was the day after Christmas. We went to breakfast together that morning. Everything looks fine. Well, about 10 minutes after I took the picture Adam threw up ALL OVER the table and Tyson so that's where it began.
We did feel better on Tyson's birthday, but by that time I hadn't planned anything big for him so we just went to dinner together. My boys are so cute!
I had taken Tyson to Tucanos earlier in the month as a surprise with a lot of his friends. I didn't take any pictures but we are going to count that evening as Tyson's birthday celebration.

Throughout December, and January we stayed with Tyson's parents each weekend to work on this AMAZING mural Tyson is doing. It is in a play room that is Peter Pan themed. I can't show any pictures of the mural because Tyson wants to show the whole thing when it is all done, but I can give you a little peek!
One Saturday, in January, we were heading home from painting and my brother, Bryan, called us. He had been shoveling his driveway and thought we could create something out of the pile of snow. Even though Tyson was exhausted from painting he couldn't turn down the chance to play in the snow!
So we headed up to my brothers house, joined him and some others, and they made a SNOW DRAGON!
The pictures are a little hard to see because obviously snow is all white, and the sun was going down by the time they were done, but it was AWESOME!

Also in January.....

We had game nights with good friends.
Adam learned how to drink from a straw cup rather than a sippy.
He learned how to climb down stairs! He has been climbing up stairs for a while but finally learned how to turn around and go down!
Adam also mastered eating bananas without me having to cut them up. He likes them soooo much he doesn't usually pause and put them down while eating, its just a continuous chew and swallow.


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