Monday, July 1, 2013

June Bugs

June was such a good month for us! We were able to celebrate birthdays and had a lot of time to play! We started by celebrating my birthday by going to Tucanos!
Might be weird, but this pregnancy I have wanted MEAT. So when I asked Tyson to take me to Tucanos for my birthday he was shocked and excited! 
We also went out for ice cream and Abe had his first cone! Mmmmm gotta love the kiddy cones!
We were then able to celebrate our niece, Ellie's birthday!
She looks like Boo from Monsters Inc so naturally her first birthday had that as a theme! She is just the cutest little lady!

We found out we are going to have a little lady of our own! Abe is going to have a little SISTER! Best birthday gift ever was finding out the gender of my new baby! It was so fun.
An old mission buddy of Tyson's came into town and we were able to visit with him. Abe and I loved getting to meet Therman and look forward to seeing him again in the future!
I was able to begin working from home with my job at JetBlue!
We were able to get started on painting the mural for Abe's big boy room. He is going to have a Superhero room!
We also added to our stockpile of FIREWORKS!
And we visited the zoo! It was Abe's first time and he loved all the animals.
Right now he only knows his monkey sound, so every animal at the zoo said oooo ooooo aaaah aaaah but thats okay. He is a cutie anyway!
Of course I just have to add in a random cute picture that has nothing to do with anything :)


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