Friday, November 1, 2013

We Fancy the Fall- October

In our house the favorite season is the Fall. We love the cooler weather, we love crunching leaves and when the colors turn we love to take drives to see all the beauty. The fall might not last very long but at least we live in a place that has all 4 of the wonderful seasons. We get to enjoy them all.

We had a lot of fun this October! We started it off with a birthday celebration for my father-in-law, Stan. We were able to get a picture of him with all of his grandbabies! He still has two grandbabies coming in the next few months, but here is a picture with most of the babies (we were missing Justin, who was in Idaho at the time).
October 8th is the anniversary of the day my big brother, Brad, died in 1998. We hadn't been up to the crash site in a few years and decided that we should go up this year. It was beautiful with the leaves falling. It was a really nice and peaceful little drive for our little family. Abe's middle name is from Brad and I know he is close often. Pretty darn sure my little man has a strong relationship with his uncle Brad. I know he watches over us.
We were able to have a few friends over to paint pumpkins! Our good friends, Hailey and Austin, had their son just 4 weeks after we had Abe. So we like to get together whenever we can and let Abe and Carter play together.

We decided to paint pumpkins because we don't really want the babies playing with knives. But....... It was REALLY messy!
Even with the mess I think they had a lot of fun!

We were able to go to the Evans Family Farm to play.
Abe really liked being able to walk up and see all the animals. He is getting really good with his animal names and sounds so he really shows off when he sees animals in person. He rode a miniature horse and LOVED it! He didn't ever smile for the pictures, but he rode that horse like a boss.
We wanted to let Abe be something for Halloween that he recognizes and loves. When the new Despicable Me movie came out we took Abe to it and ever since he has been in love with Minions! So we decided to let him be a Minion for Halloween. We got the pieces to his outfit one by one and he was excited every step of the way but he was especially excited when his hat got here!
A few days before Halloween there was a Trunk or Treat at Grandpa Warren's work. We were able to meet up with most of the Crowns and get our treat on! We decorated the trunk like a monster mouth, I think a lot of the kids liked it! Abe and his cousins had so much fun running around and getting candy! They even had hotdogs and drinks there, we really love Halloween!
After the Trunk or Treat we were able to go back to the Crown household and carve some pumpkins! Abe didn't really care about what we were doing, he was just happy to be there.
When I was pregnant with Abe it was the same time of year as this pregnancy. I was about as far along with Abe when we carved pumpkins that year as I was this year with this pregnancy. So we decided to recreate a picture we had done two years ago with Abe in my belly. It is really interesting to me how much higher up and further out my little lady is than her big brother was! Kind of fun to compare.
We usually decorate haunted houses each Halloween, but this year things were a little busy and we didn't quite get it in. So, my dad made us some cookies that we could take home and decorate.
Abe didn't hesitate to dive right in and eat before even frosting!
In the end he just wanted to swirl around the frosting with his fingers. I think he had fun!
Abe went Trick or Treating! I really think he liked it. We only went to a few houses but he LOVED looking at the other kids in their costumes. He kept giving away his candy though, I don't know if he really understands the point.
Just a few funny things Abe did in October that we just want to add.....

One night Tyson came home from work and found Abe had covered me in books. He asked me what was going on. I told him Abe and I had been dancing and I got tired so I laid down and he just started piling them on..... He was happy so I just let him keep going.
Abe HATES anything on his feet. We think it is because back in June he stepped on a straight pin that went right in his heel. Now he is really particular about what is on his feet. One morning he had muffins for breakfast. I took him down from his high chair and there were crumbs all over, but I had to do something RIGHT THEN so.... while Abe threw a fit about the crumbs under his feet I said "Mommy has to do something so I just need you to deal with it for right now".... Came back a few seconds later and he was dealing with it! What a cutie!
I want to add a quick list of Abe's favorite words, just for my own memory sake:
Grandpa (gampa)
Chocolate (goch-a-lotte)
Jacket (catchet)
Superman/Batman (My-Man)
Love You
These are only a very select few of the words he knows. I mean, this little man talks A LOT. But these are his favorite words that he will repeat over and over and OVER AND OVER again until you verify that he is correct. I love my little man!


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