Monday, July 7, 2014

Julyapalooza 2014

Anyone who knows us knows that we LOVE fireworks. We love to watch them, we love to light them and we love to party with them! Each year we have a big party, the boys attach hundreds of fireworks to a single fuse, we light it once and sit back and enjoy the show. This year was no different and it was definitely not a disappointment!

The process of setting up went more quickly this year. I think the guys are getting better at it and they know better what they are doing! Plus we had an extra pair of hands helping this year.

After things were set up we headed over to the park for a BBQ. It was really fun to watch all the kids play together. It isn't a family reunion, all the kids don't know each other, but you bring in food and a holiday and friendships are created instantly! Of course, some of them are related and we like seeing those kids play together too!

While most of us were eating and playing the guys went back to the house to put the fireworks in their final resting place. We like to make sure things are set up and in place before the sun goes down! Plus that way people can walk around and appreciate the handiwork that goes into it!

Once the sun set we were able to watch the show! It did stop once when one of the connectors didn't quite work as it was supposed to but we got it back up and running!

I usually do one post for all the events in the entire month, but I feel like our Julyapalooza event deserves its own post. So stay tuned for another post about the rest of the month!


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