Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Summer Sun - June 2015

June was a super fun month for us. We had a lot of family time together and we really enjoyed ourselves! Started out the month with my birthday. The only photo I got was of Monet enjoying her doughnut :)
We continued to enjoy Tyson's Fridays off and went to the Museum of Curiosity. It was our first time there and the kids really loved it!
I think both the kids especially loved the water fun. This is where we spent the bulk of our time!
Tyson took me out to dinner for my birthday and his sister, Emily, watched our kids for us. When we got back to pick up the kids they surprised me with birth-day drinks and s'mores! It was a lovely summer night!
Kids are still growing like weeds!
Abe has been cracking us up with how often he will wear his Hulk gloves! He doesn't care that it is hard to get anything done with them on. He wants to wear them all the time!
Monet fell down and hit the corner of a coffee table on the way down. She cut her chin open and needed 3 stitches. She was not a happy camper about it.
I thought I could be a brave momma and take her on my own to get the stitches. As I was holding her down on the table (and the Dr was opening and closing the wound to show me how deep it was) I ended up passing out on top of Monet...... Turns out I probably shouldn't be the one to take the kids when they need stitches. I sat down and the nurses held down my little lady while the Dr did what he needed to do.
Monet had her toes painted for the first time
We spent a lot of time at the park.
Our niece, Ellie, had a birthday!
Monet got her stitches out, and daddy was the one to hold her this time.
We took a road trip to Wyoming! Tyson and Ben had a High School Reunion and we decided to make the trek up there and go! The kids did really well!
This is the house the Ellis family lived in when they were living in this part of Wyoming.
We were able to stay with Tyson's "second family" while we were there. The house he probably spent MOST of his teenage years at.
We were able to play at the park with cousins
We visited Tyson's high school and shoved Abe in Tyson's old locker.
The kids got to go to their very first Rodeo! Well the first rodeo for Monet and Abe at least.
We also had fun visiting different restaurants and shops in Meeteetse. We even hit up the local museum and learned all about the area. The kids loved exploring and we really had a great time!


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