Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Love Grows- February 2014

We began our month of love the right way, with Monet's baby blessing. Something that is really special to me is that my mom made Monet's blessing dress.... out of my wedding gown! My mom was able to create something beautiful out of that special gown. Now, I have something I can pass down to my little girl and it means that much more. 
It was a beautiful day. We had family and friends over for a luncheon after the meeting. 
We got to get pictures of all the new babies on the Ellis side. 5 babies born within 6 months!
Abe continued the love by taking care of his sister!
We found out that Monet was not getting enough nutrition. I won't get into the details, but the Dr had us switch to formula right away. We were asked to track her progress over the next week. She was supposed to gain at least a pound, and she did!

Abe continues to make me laugh every single day. Sometimes there are just no words to explain how great this kid is!
Abe and I had a photo shoot while our carpets were being cleaned. Yes, Tyson got me the best Valentines gift! Clean carpets!!!
We made Valentines crafts for Tyson and both sets of grandparents. 
Abe had a lot of fun and he was really proud of the finished products.
We also made Valentines Day cookies! Abe really had a fun time being a part of each process.
He REALLY liked decorating.......
Tyson taught Abe how to punch dance.
Abe and I often did puzzles together. You do what you can to keep entertained in the winter!
We had more photo shoots. I just can't get enough pictures of my kids!
Grandpa Warren had a birthday in the month of February. I won't say how old he is but he is old enough for my nephew to think nobody could be older!
We had cake, played games, and read stories.
We got to visit our friend Sebi. It has been a long time since we have seen this fun family. Abe really enjoyed playing with Sebi!
And.... Tyson made more progress with the mural! It is looking AMAZING!


Tami Crown said...

Busy, busy month! Your pictures are beautiful too. Monet couldn't be sweeter and Abe is a character! I want to take the circus monkey home with me! Hugs, Mawm

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