Saturday, January 31, 2015

January 2015 - The Cold and the Colds

This month was one to go down in the books. It was hard on all of us healthwise. Poor little Monet got hit the hardest. We did learn a lot and we did grow much closer as a family this month than we ever have. There is so much beauty in loving and serving family members. There is so much personal healing that comes from taking care of the little ones. We are so glad to be surrounded by love and support.

We spent a lot of time inside this month. It was really bitter cold, the air quality was not so great and the kids had colds. We spent a lot of our time playing with PlayDoh, cuddling and watching movies and, of course, playing with the bubble machine!

Abe came down with a cold first. Monet and I spent a lot of time taking care of him. She was being so sweet and kept patting him on the head to make sure he was feeling alright.
We took Abe to the Dr and found out he had bronchitis with a touch of RSV. Poor little man was really sick but he was a trooper the whole time! We got him on some medication and he perked up pretty quickly.
Then our little Monet got hit with it. She started out with bronchitis and we had to take her in a few times for breathing treatments.
Tyson's sister, Adrianne, has kids who have asthma issues. So she has an albuterol treatment machine that she let us borrow. We used that at home when Monet needed it but one night it wasn't enough. Monet's breathing was too ragged and forced so we took her right to the Emergency Room.
She was on a breathing treatment there for a while but her oxygen levels were not going up enough so we had to have her admitted to the hospital.  We found out her cold had turned into Pneumonia and RSV, which is not a fun combination!
She was admitted for 4 days. Let me tell you, there is nothing more heartbreaking than watching your baby girl in the hospital. She had an IV, she had monitors hooked up, she was a mess of tubes and wires. Most of the time she was pretty miserable but there were also moments where she was her perky happy self too. She loved the toys they had there and we learned this little lady LOVES Cranberry Juice. Kind of odd, but it was the only liquid she agreed to drink!
The nurses were so sweet and took such good care of our little lady. Tyson's work was also great. He was able to take a few days off to spend with us. Tyson's parents were able to take care of Abe while we were in the hospital with Monet. We are so very blessed with the family that we have! Because of our amazing support system we were able to spend each night in the hospital room with her and help her get better.
Once she was home, her big brother took really good care of her. Abe wanted to help with all the treatments and make sure his little sister was feeling herself again. 
Monet is getting more hair! We are able to play with it more and more and she sits so still while I do it. She is a girly girl and loves to be done up.
It was a long month. It was a REALLY tough month. But we got through it! We are healthy now and hope to remain healthy for a long time to come!


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