Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Baby Bridget's Beats - The Journey Home

I want to focus these "Bridget's Beats" on what is going on with Bridget and her health. The rest of our posts will have updates on the family as well. Pretty soon we won't have too many updates for the beats and can go back to a regular family blog!

February 21, 2016
It is hard to be away from Bridget and only be able to see her once a day. But I know ABE and Monet need me home with them. We are definitely counting our blessings that we live close enough to drive up and see Bridget every day. 

Bridget has been taking most of her feedings by mouth today and we are all very impressed! She has only had to have a very small percentage of her feedings supplemented through the NG tube. 

On a Cardiac standpoint Bridget could have been sent home already. The Cardio team is very happy about the way her heart rate has stabilized and they see no need for a pacemaker yet. She will be on an outpatient basis with frequent heart monitoring checks. So now that she is checked off in that area of things we just need to get her checked off with her feeding and get her home!

She FINALLY got to be held by her Nana. Nana has been able to visit Bridget a lot but has not been able to hold her yet. They finally got the chance today and they were both very happy about it!

February 23, 2016
Happy one week Bridget! She had a hard time eating today. She gets really tired throughout and will clamp shut halfway through many of her feedings. Today she took most of her feedings through the NG tube and that was a bummer for us. We will get there though, just have to keep at it!
Bridget got to meet her Auntie Erika and her Uncle Ben today. We are so glad to have family close by so Bridget can get loved on even when she is in the NICU. Plus it gave us an excuse to go out on a double date!

February 26, 2016
Tyson and I were able to go up together and visit Bridget today. She is doing better with her feedings but still not quite where we want her to be. She continues to gain weight and her heart rate is stable. 
Grandpa Warren and Grami Tami were able to drive up and see baby Bridget tonight. Grandpa even caught Bridget in one of her sneezes!
Grami Tami FINALLY got to hold little Bridget. I wish I had been there for this sweet moment. I know it meant a lot to both of these lovely ladies. 

February 27, 2016
Bridget was off oxygen all day today and did great! She was alert during feedings and took most of them by mouth. She doesn't seem to need the oxygen but will keep her feeding tube for a little longer. We are really hoping that she will be able to come home on her due date (Feb 29th) but we will wait and see!

February 28, 2016
Bridget is continuing to do well on a heart standpoint. She is still working on the feeding and is improving there but there are a few other things we are keeping a close eye on. She had a sleep study last night that showed she has some sleep apnea due to blockage. Her chin is really small, this is causing her tongue to be further back than it should be. So when she relaxes while sleeping her tongue tends to slip back and this causes the sleep apnea. So she will stay on oxygen for the time.

They did a CT scan of her today. After that is reviewed we will know if she needs to have surgery done on her jaw. There is a chance she could grow out of the small chin and naturally her tongue will be brought forward but there is also a chance she will need surgery to help the process along.

She got to meet the Crown side of Uncles and Aunt today! We were able to drive up together and take turns going back (only two people are allowed in the NICU to visit Bridget at a time and one of them has to be a parent). 
I made Kyle go back twice because we forgot to get a picture the first time! Thanks for being a good sport about it Kyle!

February 29, 2016
Happy Due Date Bridget! 
Things are going well today! She is still off oxygen but that is going to change today. Due to the sleep apnea she has it is best that she is on oxygen while she sleeps. Since newborns sleep 20 out of 24 hours in a day she will just be on oxygen all the time. Lucky for us we can take her home on oxygen. She doesn't need surgery on her chin though! YAY! She will see an ENT in 4-6 weeks to check on how things are growing but at this point it doesn't look like she will need corrective surgery on her jaw. 

She is still working on her feedings. She takes about 90% by mouth and the other 10% through the feeding tube. In order for her to be sent home from the NICU without the NG tube she has to be taking 100% by mouth for a full 24 hours. We aren't quite there yet.

She got to meet her Great Grandma Thompson today! She came all the way down from Idaho and was able to take time to see baby Bridget. 
Tyson had to work a late shift today and I am still not allowed to drive.... So my mom brought me up to the hospital so I wouldn't have to go a day without seeing my baby! I know I say this all the time, but I am so thankful to have so many family members around that can help us through this time! We are so very blessed with the amazing support system we have!

March 2, 2016
Bridget gets to come home today! She will come home with the feeding tube and with oxygen but she GETS TO COME HOME! Tyson was able to leave work a little early and come to the hospital with me. There were a lot of things we needed to learn about before taking her home. We also had to place the NG tube ourselves a few times in front of the nurse so we knew that if it came out while at home we would be able to get it back in. That was tough. Nobody likes a tube stuck up their nose and down their throat!

Hopefully when we get home and in a routine she will be able to take her feedings better by mouth. We will have frequent check ups with her pediatrician to monitor things and he will have the say on when we are able to take it out.
She did come home with a heart monitor. (thus all the wires in the photo below) this is the same monitor she will have every few months. We hook it up, leave it on for 24 hours, it records all the data and then we mail it in to the clinic for review! The technology is amazing to me! She will have these types of monitors a few times a year to keep track of her heart rate and see when she needs the pacemaker. 
The kids were so happy to have her home! But I will post about that as a family post :)


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