Monday, February 29, 2016

February 2016 - Our Hearts Grew Three Sizes

February was a big month for us! 
Monet was so excited to have a new baby in the house. She carries her baby doll everywhere, and anything we have set up for Bridget is used for Baby Doll until Bridget gets home.

Just two weeks until we get to meet our baby girl!
ABE and Monet had their last day at Daycare. With Bridget on the way we aren't sure if I will be going back to work, and what our child care choice will be. We have LOVED Way To Grow learning daycare in American Fork! It has been a wonderful place for the kids to learn and play while interacting with other kids. They have done so well and grown so much in the short few months spent here!
Monet has spent a few nights in her big girl bed! She is the cutest little princess that I ever did see!
Once again, I just have to mention how incredibly blessed we are to have friends and family close by! There was always someone willing to take ABE and Monet for a playdate while I went in for my many Drs appointments. I love where we live, and I love the people in our lives!
We have had so many generous gifts given to us and we really appreciate all the love and thoughtfulness shown to us.

ABE, Monet and I made some Valentines Day treats. I forgot to get a photo before we cut into the brownie! It was so yummy. I love making things with these two cuties!
Almost time to say goodbye to the round belly!
Just a few more days until we meet our little lady!
I posted the birth story in a separate post, along with pictures of Bridget meeting family members and friends. But I thought I would post some pictures here of just our beautiful baby girl. She is such a sweetheart and we love having her in our family.
ABE and Monet were able to stay with Nana and Papa while we were in the hospital. It was a long stay for them and they had a hard time with it. I stayed in the hospital for a full 4 days so I could be close to Bridget in the NICU and Tyson was there with me for most of that time. By the time I was released ABE was ready to be home. He was very sad that Bridget didn't come home the same day I did. We all missed Bridget very much.
ABE and Monet were not allowed in the NICU to see baby Bridget. There were a few times that Tyson and I would visit, Tyson would go and hold Bridget for a while and I would play with ABE and Monet in the waiting areas and then we would switch. 
We also made some crafts together so the kids could feel closer to their new baby sister.
ABE and Monet both got sick right after Bridget was born. Lucky for them, and for Bridget, they got better before she came home! 
There is a group of volunteers at the NICU that really take care of the families. They made us some kits for the kids. These kits came with dolls and supplies that Bridget uses. This helped to familiarize ABE and Monet with the things Bridget uses from day to day. You can see that the doll has tendergrip stickers on it's cheeks to hold the oxygen tube in place! Just like Baby B!
ABE loved playing Dr and using all the instuments.
Monet also had a great time! 
Bridget has a lot of equipment that we have to learn and get used to. One of the things that shocked me the most was looking at my blood pressure cuff in comparison to hers! She is so tiny!

Bridget is doing well and we all love her so much.


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