Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Baby Bridget's Beats - 32 weeks - Preterm Labor

Working hard to keep everything as up to date on this blog as possible. I know I still need to go back through the year 2015 and put down all the fun stuff we did! Believe me, I have every month broken down and almost ready to post. I took pictures and have journal entries for all of 2015 so one day I will be sure to get those all down and in this blog! With Bridget updates I have to write them as they happen so I get the most accurate record of things.

So, that being said, I have an update on the pregnancy.

Monday afternoon I started having really bad back pain and I wasn't sure if it was something to worry about or not. I asked my sister-in-law about when she had back labor and asked her if I should get in touch with my Dr or not. She advised me to call in (but was trying not to worry me) and I did. The nurse I spoke with told me to put myself on bedrest, watch for contractions getting more timely and to come in for a check up in the morning. She said it likely wasn't preterm labor and not to worry too much. I relaxed the rest of the day and let my kiddies take care of me. ABE and Monet were both so sweet, they hardly fought with each other and they kept bringing me drinks and snacks (most of the snacks had bites taken out of them already but that's okay with me).
 Tuesday morning I dropped my kids off with one of my sisters-in-law and headed up to Murray to meet with one of my many Drs. They did an ultrasound of Bridget and are very pleased with her progress. She is growing really well. She is measuring around 33 weeks so she is a little bit ahead of schedule! Her heart is still steady with a heart rate around 65. Everything other than her heart is perfect. She is a perfect little baby and is doing so well.

My Dr confirmed with me that I was right on the verge of being in labor. Which means I was experiencing back labor without dilation or anything like that. They gave me some medication to stop labor and sent me home to rest.

It is now 24 hours since I took the medication to stop labor and I am feeling much less pain and having less contractions/spasms. Just spoke with the Dr and he gave me some tips on things to monitor and advised me to stay on "mostly bedrest". This means no exercising, or chores that involve standing for long periods or lifting. I can go back to work but when I am home I am supposed to lay down as often as possible. Does that sound really boring? Yeah, it does..... Oh well, we will do what we have to in order to keep that little Bridget cooking for 6-8 more weeks!

Last week we confirmed that I also have Hyperthyroidism which means my thyroid is overproducing. This causes heart palpitations, fatigue and various other symptoms that I was experiencing but had just chalked up to being pregnancy symptoms. This is unrelated to the heart block and my autoimmune disease and also unrelated to the preterm labor. Just a bunch of random things going on with this pregnancy.

So, all in all Bridget is still doing great. She is developing well and is definitely a fighter! I just need to keep up with my new medications and rest so she can stay in there! I am a fighter too, even if I have to fight laying down, I will!


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