Sunday, January 31, 2016

January 2016 - New Beginning

Our whole family would agree, 2015 was not our year. In fact, it was the toughest year in our lives. But it is now 2016 and we are ready to get a new start and a fresh beginning. It is going to be an amazing year!

I started out the year wanting to get some blankets knitted for Monet and Bridget. I want the girls to have matching blankets. I was able to finish Monet's and got started on the one for Bridget! (I know the photo is upside down, I am having trouble getting it to turn around)
I was on bedrest A LOT. Little Bridget needs to cook as long as she can! So we spent a lot of time together on the couch, eating snacks and watching cartoons. These kids really take good care of me when daddy is at work!
Tyson has been working really hard on getting the girls room done. He has created a really cool play loft above Monet's bed. The kids LOVE it!
ABE likes to help daddy out when he can.
Just a sweet picture of ABE and Monet playing quietly with Legos.
Monet has been practicing with her baby dolls. She loves to swaddle them and put them to bed. Her Grami Tami even made a special swaddle blanket with velcro to make it easy!
Bridget keeps cooking and we are very happy!
Tyson and I were able to go on a date, just the two of us. We went out for Indian Food and to a movie. It was so nice to spend time together and to kind of get away from all that has been going on lately. With all the worries and stresses, we needed a little time to focus on us.
This might seem silly to some, but it is something I have waited for my whole life. I was able to put a french braid in my little girls hair! This is a big moment for me. I can't wait til I have two little girls to play dress up with!
Sometimes, I get tempted to play with the equipment when I am at the Dr. I mean, I have so many appointments, and I see them use it so much! I bet I could figure out how to work the machines myself after all the times I have been in!
We LOVE family movie nights! Mattress in the loft, lots of pillows and treats, that is my kind of night!
ABE and Monet got to spend a lot of time with friends and family this month. I have had a lot of appointments. We are so lucky to have so many people around who love us and help look out for us!
As I said, we LOVE family movie nights!
Still cooking that baby!
Monet and I had a Girls Night In. We painted nails and took selfies. She is my best friend.
Just some more snuggles while on bedrest!
Tyson is ALMOST finished with the play loft! The kids are LOVING IT!
The girls room is done. Castle is built, curtains are hung and walls are painted. Now we are just counting down the days until little Bridget makes her debut and joins Monet!


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