Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Baby Bridget's Beats - quick update

Today we had an ultrasound done to check on the little lady. The reason I get ultrasounds done so often is because that is really the only way they can accurately check her heart rate. With the doppler machine the heart rate sounds too much like mine and it is very hard to get an accurate reading. So, they check with an ultrasound where we can see, hear, and measure the rate.

At first scan, her heart rate was 59. Which sent me into an anxiety attack because I have been told that if her heart rate drops below 60 then we will be delivering. I also had a MEGA full bladder and had been waiting a really long time for my appointment so I was a bit on edge anyway. The ultrasound tech didn't seem phased, she just completed the rest of the scan and let me know she would have the Dr review things and would be back in a minute.

Well that minute turned into like 30 minutes which seemed like an ETERNITY. I laid on that ultrasound bed, in the dark, sobbing and texting my sister-in-law the whole time. Yes, I was overreacting. Yes, I blame the hormones and steroids.

The ultrasound tech came back in and asked if we could take another scan. I obliged and she checked Bridget's heart rate one more time. It was at 63. She monitored it for a while and it stayed there. She said she either scanned it wrong the first time or Bridget was just relaxing that first time but it is now stable at 63 and there is no reason to worry.

I then met with Dr Sullivan (my new OB) and she went over things with me. Everything on the ultrasound looks good. Bridget is in the 61st percentile for weight which is really good for a baby with complete heart block. Everything looks perfect. She is developing well and is hanging in there!

I will have a c-section when I reach 38 weeks. She still may come before that, but she definitely won't be in there longer than that. I am still to be on "mostly" bedrest.

I will now start to have weekly Biophysical Profiles done. This is an ultrasound that measures 4 key points. It measures: large movements like a kick or a punch, the fluid within the uterus, Bridget's breathing as well as small movements like fingers wiggling. These, along with heart rate monitoring, are going to give us better ideas on how she is handling things, how long she might be able to wait after delivery to receive the pacemaker and when she is best to be delivered.

All in all things are good. Just 5 more weeks and then we get to meet this little lady!


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