Friday, September 21, 2012

4th Of July Firework Show!

We have an annual tradition of having a HUGE firework show each July. Sometimes it is for the 24th and sometimes it is for the 4th. We just choose which will work best for most people to be there. This year it was on the 4th. Well It was on the 7th of July but celebrating the 4th.
Since Tyson and I had gone to Wyoming with his family over Memorial Day we decided we had to stop and buy some fireworks! Tyson's parents and other family members got in on it and we had quite the stash hanging out at our house.
Once we got our stash together with Bryan's stash and the other stashes around the place.... Bryan and Tyson got down to work with building things. Ben joined us a little later to add his genius to the show!
As usual, there were toys and many things to melt.

Bryan designed the snake toy in my honor when I asked if they could fit flowers inside the snake. Yes, they do fit.

We made sure to chalk off the circle so we didn't blow up any cars during the show.
Lots of friends and family came to watch. 
Like last year, we covered the light in the circle for optimum viewing pleasure.
I recorded it, but it is so long we can't figure out how to get it on the blog. I will work on getting it on YouTube and then on here.

This is the aftermath.
All in all it was a wonderful show. Best yet, and we plan to keep growing.


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