Thursday, September 20, 2012

Baby Ellie

In June, the Crown side of the family was able to grow! Bryan and Nikki had their sweet new little baby, Ellie. She is just the cutest little thing!
She has a great big brother who is so proud of her. He lets everyone know that she is "my Ellie". He is first to help her out and is always sure she has enough toys to play with.
When Adam is around Ellie and Lucas, Lucas is sure to explain that there are certain toys Adam can play with but Ellie is too little for. It is so cute! He just wants everyone to know that Ellie is little and he is there to take care of her.
My parents are so happy to have a new little grandbaby. I know they love all their grandbabies but Ellie is special. She is so happy and calm. At least when I am there......
Ellie has hair just like her daddy did when he was born. Dark and fluffy as can be. They can't get that hair to lay down for the life of them! What a cute little Crown baby!


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